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August 2013 - The Life Of Brad Inc.

August 2013 - The Life Of Brad becomes a company, picked up another contract as an Engineer and moved back in to my house.  Also, got to dress up as Sonny Crocket for an 80's party and began to clean and repair my house after having renters in it for 8 years.  Don't miss some of the random stuff at the end cause it will make you chuckle or at least put a weird look on your face.

After 8 years I decided it was time to move back in to my house which I had owed since 2001.  The two main reasons for this were that I took an engineering job at my old company Colt Worley Parsons only 8 blocks from the house (which is why I bought the house in the first place) and it was time to evaluate just how hard the renters had been over the years.  The house was exposed to a single mom with two young kids for 1 year, 4 x 22 year olds for 3 years and a non-english speaking Korean family for 4 years.  Each tenant had their own way of beating up the house, but all-in-all not too bad after 8 years and none of them missed a rent cheque!  Needless to say it was time for a paint job after 12 years and some other touch ups.

Nice to be back in the place for sure and to be able to walk to work.  Great!

Little intro to inside the house, tired Brad.

Bare bones after moving in

After the last family moved out at the end of July I had some clean up.  This family lived in an outrageous amount of humidity and didn't do much cleaning to protect the place from molds and insect growth.  The damage was partially my fault for not doing more thorough yearly inspections.

Looked like mould on the ceiling,
but it turned out to be bug larva

No dusting or windexing here.

Never defrosted freezer

Lint trap in the dryer, likely 1 yr since it was cleaned out
if ever.

Greasy and dirty above the stove,
never cleaned in 4 years!

Water damage from over flow up stairs

Signs of a possible fire from a
night light.  Lucky them and me
that nothing happened!
After a couple weeks back and a good evaluation of needs for the house I decided my 12 year old outside paint job was ready to be updated along with other inside paint needs.  With little time to do the work and a need to address some issues in the outside wood and some repairs to room damage I hired on a professional to do the work.  And the bonus is Mike W is also a be deal drummer in a former semi famous band "Women".  See end result of the painting and check out Mike's band online.

A photo after the painters began
some prep for the new paint

Looks great, Po-tash grey

Second week on August, back to work again.  Just before that I incorporated in order to be a proper contractor and my own boss, sort of.  "The Life Of Brad Inc." established on July 31, 2013 a company that encompasses Engineering, Movie Production and Inventing.  There is no stopping me!

The first official work for TLOB Inc came after a couple offers with various engineering companies which included my first employer.  The reason I was drawn back to my old stomping grounds was to take on a new exciting role as an Horizontal Directional Drilling Engineer.  What?  Well, it's a newer discipline in the Pipeline Industry and basically used when you need to go under a water course (river, creek, lake, etc) and some other places where they don't want people and equipment on the surface.  Basically we drill a curved hole underneath the water course from the low side to high and pull a section of pipeline back through.  Pretty cool hey.

Highlight - Back in to my old house which is about a 12 minute walk to work, awesome!

6:20am every morning for work

The key - fruit smoothies

Great Sushi lunch place downstairs


15 hour day as i had to review 72
 calculations and drawings

Later in the month I attended a charity event to blow off some steam and dust off my 80's outfit.  Good old "Sonny Crocket" from Miami Vice.  The charity event was run by a couple people from "Heartland" and nice to reacquaint myself with some of the cast and crew.

Check out my 1984 vintage glasses Rose was sporting

Shaun Johnston one of the actors
joining the band on the harmonica

Next Month - Being a Model Father and CCC Silver medals

Other Stuff (lots of random stuff this month)

Counting your piggy bank the easy way at TD bank.  Now I know how much my coin tower holds.

When you drink too much women
will get you to try anything

Back yard fire pit at my house.  Nice with a beer.

Oh, Chicken wings and Ribs.  Helps
to put on the winter insulation.

Drinking bud Markus, ready for his
bike ride home at the end of the night

Why canadian parking rules are stupid.  We are actually
forced to park our motos in car spots.

More yummy sushi

Calgarians and their big trucks

Ikea.  Disposable tape measures!

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