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November 2013 - Julian Accident, Bumpershine, The Dump, and other things

November 2013 was a random month as I began to prepare for my trip back to Argenitna which included renting the entire top floor of my house while moving everything downstairs.  This spurred a trip to the dump, buying and reviewing multiple computers for the trip and dealing with basement living (no windows more or less).  Enjoyed another Bumpershine show and lots of other random stuff including a Hank Azaria look-a-like and more.

Breaking News: At the end of the month I got some bad news that my friend Julian from Buenos Aires had a motorcycle accident while on tour around South America.  On the road earlier in the morning in northern Brazil while overtaking a truck that decided to jump to the passing lane to avoid a pothole in the road Julian crashed in to the back of the vehicle.  LOOK IN YOUR MIRRORS CHUMP IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE LANES, URGH!  Although the bike was completely destroyed the good news was that Julian will have a full recovery from his injuries.  More on that in December's post.
Where the crash happened on the bridge.  Bike burnt up.

The remains of what was scraped
off the bridge.

Grey Cup weekend Bumpershine opened for Coverboy who always does a show on this important Canadian football weekend.  Coverboy having done their show Friday in Regina where the Grey Cup was happening on Sunday made their way to Calgary for an encore performance the night before the big game.

Bumpershine on a big stage
at Marquee

Vocals: Chris Jericho (Fozzy, 6 time WWE champion,),
Bass: Spider Sinnaeve (Tom Cochrane, Loverboy),
 Guitar: Todd Kerns (Slash, Age of Electric),
 Guitar: Cory Churko (Shania Twain, Kelly Clarkson),
 Drums/Keys: Brent Fitz (Slash, Alice Cooper)

Tearing up Marquee Beer Garden
The new Back Alley, Calgary, AB

Dave with a buddy at Roadhouse for the after show party

Oh, speaker dancing never gets old

Speaker dancing by professionals

Loner with a coroner

Chad inspiring pole dancers

Look-a-like - This was the only Hank shot with glasses that I could find, but I think it works.

The Dump.  When you move you got to throw some stuff out.  After renting my house for a few years things had collected around the yard and when I moved all my stuff downstairs it was time to pile the junk and dump it.  Thinking back I remember going to the dump in NZ and noticing how different Calgary's dump was so I thought this might be of interest to a lot of you.  Not something you do everyday.

I was really impressed by the care and attention they put in to the place and the pride of service, really!  Friendly too.  A pleasantly surprising experience.

Good video of the Dump!  What a huge place. I freaked a little when I saw all the birds.  Still makes my hair on the back of my neck standup.


Full load and nothing fell out on the way either.  I think?

3 minutes in the freezing wind, done!

Written in the well shaped
landfill hill. "Sheppard Landfill"

Other Stuff

If you live in Alberta you should know how to handle bears

Lenovo Twist was the winner out
of 4 choices based on inputs,
Hard drive size and price

Climbing the 3 fences after the bar
that save me a 1.5 km walk.  Didn't
rip my pants like I did 10 years ago

Yeah, starting to get chilly out there.

Worth a read.  Each day at work
I choose a different persona

Disappointment.  My team in green winning a very exciting
game that I watched from the boards after hurting my
knee while opening the scoring for our teams' 7-5 win.

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