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February 2014 - Let's keep it Short and Sick

February 2014 went fast and likely do to the fact that I got some sort of food poisoning that rocked me for about half a month. In the spirit of short and sweet enjoy some more Latin randomness and this month's bonus look-a-like section at the bottom of the page.  Congratulations to team Canada at the Olympics, especially the Men and Women's hockey teams.  Oh yeah, and there was a Super Bowl, kind of.

Finally found the perfect stunt double! Photo from Brent D
Beginning of the month and there was a Super Bowl between my Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks. We all gather at a newer bar, The Garage, in San Telmo for a big Super Bowl party.  The crowd was a little more towards the Broncos even though they were not the favourites.  I think people like offence more than defense, unfortunately that doesn't win championship.  And you know why...

Side Rant: Watch the next championship game and tell me the refs call it like they do in the regular season.  That's why Defense wins championships.  The game gets tighter with more holding, etc which is not called near as much as the regular season because honestly who wants to be that ref that made a huge call costing the game for one team or the other.  This is seen in the NBA, NFL, NHL and any other sport that has interference between the two teams, even soccer.  Too be fair offence is harder to produce when you are nervous for the big game as it requires that extra bit of skill to make the play as opposed to breaking up a play.  Put your money on Defense.

The game began with much excitement and that was it.  Denver fumbled the ball in to their own end zone and continued to get dominated after that.  I tuned out by half time and went in search of a beer pong game or what ever to numb the pain.  43 - 8 final score!!!  I was a fool to think it could be any different considering how Denver likes to lose the big game holding the record for worst loss ever and 3 of the 5 worst losses in Super Bowl history.  Incredibly they have 2 Super Bowl victories, by narrow margins of course.

Fantastic artwork, hand drawn too

Here we go!

Boring Super Bowl, but not boring
drinking games!

All the drinking and heavy eating over the last weeks of January coupled with a a dodgey lunch special was enough to crush half of February for me.  Although I should have gone to the doctor, as a Canadian I struggled to crack open my wallet to pay for an appointment.  Oh well, it's just food poisoning and it did pass.  Always nice to lose a few kilos too.

Tips to prevent a bad stomach
1) Stop eating Blood Sausage every day!
2) Stop smoking furniture.
3) Stop chasing beer with shots of Fernet (yuck!)
4) Stop trying to understand Argentinian women.
5) Don't take antacid drugs recommended by a Heart Surgeon that cause diarrhea.
6) Balance your meats, not all pork at a BBQ.
7) Avoid getting computer viruses when streaming the Olympics from Russia.
8) Don't bother trying to order something with out cheese if you are lactose intolerant.

On my death bed...

As boring as it looks I actually
love this type of food which I find
the best for a bad stomach.

In need of good healthy food I discovered a great lunch place thanks to my friend Luli.  Martin Cocina is perfect with a nice variety and Martin himself, a high level chef, is not afraid to have an in-depth chat about his daily preparations and pretty much everything else.

Martin, as Italian an Argies as
you will find.

Working People in Buenos Aires.  A couple photos depicting some of the work in BA and the conditions that probably wouldn't be allowed in other countries.

Yes Superman you have to fly upside down in the South

I see this cop standing smoking
most days

Business idea, Pool Cleaners

Argentina Postman

Pizza Delivery guy in the rain

Club Dancer

Health and safety violation?

24 hour reception/security means
you may have to wake someone if
you forget your keys.

"No problem, I can walk your dog, I only have 1 or 2 at
that time of day"

Very safe work site!!!

Congrats to Canada in the Olympics.  As I was getting over my stomach illness I once again got addicted to Olympic coverage which I didn't expect to find on Argentina TV considering they had only 7 Athletes representing the country.  I believe Canada had approximately 240 athletes.
Special congrats to the Men and Women Curling and Hockey teams for 4 Gold medals!

9am, 2 litres of beer, 3 screens, not missing Hockey Gold!

No matter where I am!

Andy Kaufman

Larry David, Carlos Bianchi

Russian Figure Skater, Adrien Brody
Mexican dude, Joe Rogan

Other Stuff

The apartment garage two tier space saving door opener system.  Cool!

Joe Namath wearing a ridiculous
fur coat at the Super Bowl

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