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April 2014 - Don't work for me Argentinaaahhhh

April 2014 - I continued to get back on my feet going to Physio Therapy 3 days and having In House Therapy 1 day a week.  The NHL Playoffs were live in my apartment via the World Wide Web, I attended a Costume Party as good as Halloween with out the treats and experienced more life in Buenos Aires.  Plus, ONLY one month after ACL reconstruction surgery I was Back on my Moto!
Get back to WORK!
In general April was a busier month for me with all the Physio and Doctor appointments, but not for everyone else.  A planned Strike/Paro (1 of 3 through out the next year), Easter/Pascuas and the "workers day off" which fell on a Thursday and threw encompassed the the Friday to handle recuperation from the "workers day off."  The strike crippled the city; no buses, trains, subway, etc, but if you had your own car it was pretty sweet.  No traffic!

Ironically the "worker's day off" was in the same month that the "Blue Collars"/workers planned a full 24 hours strike where only "White Collar" and Emergency services worked.  The "Blue Collars" are also the ones keeping this government that they strike against in power for the last 13 years.  I must have this screwed up somehow cause that doesn't make any sense to me?

Probably why they have to work Saturday's, since they are
playing cards during the afternoon

Probably safer playing cards

No wonder they Strike

No one works for 24 hours

Picketing beside the PanAmerican

Out of 22 working days in April Argentinian's had to force themselves out of bed for 16.  Tough month!

Take a break!

My brace is off, don't trip!  Lots of travel to Physio in April by bus and subway and then back to my "Usual"... 

May be the Subway is a bad idea

Yeah, Subway sucks, haha

This place is recommended
Diego Maradona and Jorge
(my Physio) in the 1980's.
Jorge was the Physio for the most
famous City futbol team in Arg
"Bocas Juniors" who Maradona
played for before dominating
May be better to stay home for Physio with Nicola

The "Usual" meaning Back on the Bike and pretty excited about it.  Probably could have waited another week or two, but the doc was happy to clear me to ride so I didn't hesitate.  I will miss the stuck in traffic standing room only buses that moved 4 blocks every 10 min.

That's a Happy Chappy

Well preserved

Mi Amor
Better late than never.  It would have been nice to watch NHL (National Hockey League) Playoffs while lying around the apartment the last 2 weeks in March when I had the leg brace on, but I'll take em when I can gett'em.  Signed up with NHL Center Ice to bring all the First, Second, Third and Stanley Cup Finals to my computer via internet to which I connected to my LCD TV.   

I can say this with high confidence that this was the best $30 I have ever spent bringing a piece of home in to my living room every night for the next 2 months!

NHL Playoffs on my TV in Buenos Aires.  Awesome!!

2 computers and a TV for 3 games

Live Music - Blues with Memphis lead singer as the honoured guest.  My good friend Emiliano playing drums!  Loved it, and can't figure out why I don't get to more of these shows here and in Canada.

A very hidden entrance to Eter,
but we obviously found it.

Another Junior cooked Asado.  Video explaining the cuts in Spanish and translated in English by yours truly.

That's a lot of meat!

Couch Surfing House Party - SinVerguenza - $5 entry x 200 people, they do alright.  They have a bar, and solid DJ.  Most people bring their own drinks as I'm sure they are selling above board.

I hope the House respects us!

Preplan bathroom needs 45min ahead

First party after surgery so I was very cautious
with my knee

Like I said, "I was very cautious"
with my knee

Costume Party, why?  Who cares!  It was fun.  $20 USD for all you can drink and enjoy.

The nurse was in another costume earlier

Lots of cowgirls at the party

Only one Tennis player, funny that?

Fred Flintstone was actually
a form Argentina Rugby
Player for the Pumas!

That's the nurse with her "pene" showing.  Figure out first
what a Pene is then who's got it showing.

Tennis Dancer

Other Stuff

A Farm in the middle of Buenos Aires??

Strange yard between to apartments


Tostados / Toasties / Name in Canada?

Pack rat for plastic bags

Good gig, always sure to have patrons
Brazil Hell's Angels, Really?

$10,000 peso stack, oh yeah

Dumbass parking next to my bike.  Why?

Even when I bought this T-Fal
I knew it wouldn't last, too bad I
can't find my receipt, Snap!