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June 2014 - BA to Calgary for Summer, Hands on

June 2014 - Left Buenos Aires May 31 and arrived back June 1 beginning my Canadian life again.  Back in my house, got a new 4 month contract for work at Entec (HDD consultants) and continued to use Tom's truck until I broke it.  Also, decided it was time I took on some more plumbing and some other moments around Calgary.

Big News: Received my Italian Passport after 2 years since beginning the application process.  Thanks for all the hard work Mom.

Some photos from my flights home - Buenos Aires - Santiago - Toronto - Calgary

$6 for a bar of chocolate is duty free?
I paid $10 for 5 bars in BA.
Airport Rip off.

The line ups of Latin America.
Glad I wasn't going where they were.

Serious leg room

The beautiful Andes

Not free to go to Chile anymore
if you are a Canuck

Phone chargers remind me of dog leashes

Why you shouldn't hurry to get
on the plane


Sunrise in Toronto

Canadian Physio Therapy at Life Mark.  Pretty good and the first 7 treatments are covered by Health Care.

Balance is key

 Other moments back in Canada.  I kinda missed the food believe it or not.  Funny to adjust back to the size of everything.

$12 in Canada, same in Mexico only $1

One of my fav's, Burger Inn

Back to "Big Red"

Peaceful backyard

Bad Ass Jack's wrap and
yummy beer

Engineering clothes again and a shave!

That's a big jar of pickles,
Can't find that in BA.

Huge super markets

Not even sure what I made

Looks a bit dry

Breakfast, yum

Boxwood Resto

More Boxwood Resto

Make your own ice cream

Lots of taps

Mix and match

My new digs at Entec

Lazy Brad!  Oh no, what happens when you don't unplug your eaves.  Damn it.

pools of water that found the
inside of the house

Love these Shopvacs
A couple moments brought to you by Mr. Fix It.

Hey? why is there green liquid all over the Wal-mart parking lot?  Oh, that's all the coolant from your truck Brad.  Oh Shit!

Driving a less expense vehicle means you have to decided how much fixing is worth doing.  When your water pump goes it can be a very hard decision.  But the beauty of a 1986 Toyota pick up is that the water pump is on the front of the engine sitting externally so it actually pretty easy.  As long as you don't mind getting DIRTY!

Shouldn't that pulley be lined up with the others?

Dirty job

But I like it!

Pulled the Water Pump off, unfortunately the gasket was no where to be found, meaning it had worn away over time.  A sign the pump was due to be changed.

Pick out the new part

Success.  A very exciting moment when everything goes back together and you once again have a car that runs.

Job done

One last job to finish the month.  Every day while making juice I find myself with fruit juice all over my hands which leads to fruit juice all over my kitchen taps.  So why not change the old leaking facet out for a one hander that you can turn on with your nice clean elbow.

Lay out the parts and have at it.

Hummm, looks all there

Oh look at that.  Beautiful.  And only took about 1 hour.  Smiley Face!

Job Done!

Other Stuff

Round of Gold with some of the hockey team out at
Glen Eagles in Cochrane.

Beautiful views at hole 16

Can you believe I didn't make this putt???

My second hand mower still getting
it done after 15 years!
Dale showing us how to get
it done in the office

Julian's scar from his Brazil Crash