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July 2014 - Stampede and Summer Time

July 2014 as always started with the Calgary Stampede followed by summer tuning up; roof repairs, tearing down my laptop, learning more trenchless engineering and becoming a juicer.  A very nice July for sure.

Stampede 2014 - Fun times.  This years' Stampede was really good.  I decided to keep it to 5 days out of 10 which was the perfect amount; First Friday, Bowhay BBQ on Saturday, Blind Date Tuesday, Three Streams Thursday and Thank God it's the Final Friday.

First Friday - Parade day at PI Engineering and over to the Wild Horse with Pete S.  Cool moment was I met a husband and wife who thought I was really great and decided I was good enough for their daughter.  That was flattering.  What more could you ask for in a First Friday.

Tom, Darryl and I at the PI Engineering breakfast watching
the parade coming down 9 th Ave.

Look at the size of that bull!
Pete S, and Me.  Good times.

A European lady who wanted a photo with a real Cowboy.
I guess that's me, haha

These Austrian Cowboys were

Not quite two stepping

End of Day 1 coming home on the train

Bowhay BBQ - Good friend Ryan B. had a mexican style BBQ with amazing food and beer (which is always amazing).  I kept it quiet in order to keep myself fresh for the rest of the week and the 50 hours of work I would manage too.  Worked Sunday to allow myself the flexibility to take the Second Friday off.

The mastery of Jello Shooting!

Can't believe I never knew the way

Blind Date Tuesday - Mike and Ebi, who thought I was good enough for their daughter, invited me to a Ledcor party on Tuesday night.  I was so close to not going, but I'm glad I got to meet Monika and spend a fun night with her family drinking outing.  No marriage came of it, but so cool to have parents think you are good enough for their daughter.

Canadian Legends: Great canadian band Sloan played the Roadhouse Tuesday night.

Definitely mother and daughter

No idea what is happening here?

Huge Canadian band Sloan playing
to a small crowd

Looking good Brad

Whoa!  Nice boots.
Three Streams Thursday - Thanks to Alex H. for hooking me up with tickets to Cowboys for a great afternoon with a bunch of ex Colt guys and my old colleagues at TSE.  Probably the best night of Stampede 2014.
Way too early to be this drunk!
Entrance to Cowboys is a little empty at 1pm

Here we are, Art holding up the bar

"You sure this is what cowboys wear?"

Married guys need to let loose too

6'10 (2.08 m) and 4'11" (1.5m).  Meant to be.


Cheers again
The dumb game of smacking each other with aluminium bottles.  This is what happens when you suck at 2-step dancing, you find other ways to amuse yourself.


Bill takes a major shot here.

Nice work!

Thank God it's Final Friday - Well the party must come to an end and what better way to do it then an invitation to the Lazy-S with Ryan B.  Best seats in the house to have a meal, lay some bets and enjoy the Rodeo! And then back to Cowboys of course.

Last day for me!

Beauty of a small truck, I was able to sneak in beside this
ass---- parker.  Look at the yellow lines.

Lots of cowboy hats here!

Love these seats!

Start the show

delicious rack of lamb

Quick shot of the crowd as we made our way to C-boys

Wow, in the queue for C-boys

Shirt special boys??

What is going on??  Chewbacca at
Dance floor mayhem at Cowboys.

Big tent!

Stampeders football game. thanks Art.

Where's Peyton Manning??  Wearing an NFL jersey to
a CFL game???

How many onions is that???

Awesome party on the train after the game.  Singing and bongos.

Guy in the middle was inspirational

Engineering side of things - Direct Pipe technology.  I design the drill path for these things, but I'm always blown away to see the size of them in person.  IPC 42" (1.07 m) machine.

Casing pipe that holds the motor and follows the cutters

Cutting face

Big equipment

Jacking equipment

Bert and the hydraulic arms

Juicing. Inspired to get on the juicing trend I decided to buy a masticating juicer to help get more vitamins in my diet. Pretty fun and not bad to clean up.  Unfortunately lots of fibre is lost and the drinks are quite pungent.

Recommendation: Make sure you price match.  I used to find the cheapest online and Bed, Bath, and Beyond matched it.  Saved 30%!  BBB is a great store!

Juicing My Way with Brad C.

Let's try it.

Other Stuff

Just another thing we don't need in this world, pivoting head on a shaver.  Can't you just use your wrist?

Work inspiration

High up roofing, with my height issues I was grounded
for this job.

Geez Brendan, can you be cooler!

Red wine and home made food

Oh shit, what happened to my computer

Fan replacement

I did it!

BB donation from Myron

Boxwood Cafe, good date spot

Holy crap, that's a lot of gear behind that bike.

Random Mariachis on 17th ave
Work stash when I can't get to lunch

Favourite sushi, "Spicy Bomb"

Don't cry over spilt blueberries

Oh yeah, I won $130 on Germany in the World Cup!

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