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August 2014 - A little R n R - Riding and Relaxing

August 2014 had great weather as all August in Calgary do and few mosquitoes which is not the usually the case.   A photo from the past you want to see, bought my 12th moto in 9 years, Red Deer Lake relaxing, moments around Calgary including Karoake and Anthony's 40th birthday!!!

Thanks to Jason K, you can all make fun of this blast from the past that I never did get to see even after trying to contact the creative director 4 or 5 times.  Shot 10 years ago and Jason just found it in a SAIT catalogue this year!
I mean business!

Vstrom 2 - The adventures of Turbo a young and quick 2011 Suzuki Vstrom purchased in Edmonton for the movie I am planning to make in 2015.  Turbo is to match my bike in Argentina and needed to be within the years 2004 to 2011 (just made the cut).  I was originally looking at older bikes, but James P gave me a price I could not refuse.  Fate dealt me the hand as I was close to Edmonton anyway and there you have it.  My 12th moto in 9 years and the newest I have ever owned!


James and wife saying goodbye

With bike under me I made my way to Brendan and Andrea's family cabin to have a nice relaxing day and evening just off Red Deer Lake.  Nice to get out of the city and go for a rip in Canada for the first time since I drove Bumble Bee to Argentina in 2011!

Nice Garage (this is the one we built last year)

That's relaxed

Perfect fire pit location

Deep frying Brendan's way

DON'T submerge the fish to fast or oil bubbles over!

It's alright B, damn tasty

Red Deer Lake (the north one), seems it has dried up over the years...

Great moments from August in Calgary

Beer, Girls and Cornhole - National on 8th

Great menu at National

Awesome paint job for Big Red
Keep that rust together!

Bonny the machine doing things she probably should let
her son do.  

Can't stop her

Fruit baskets for me?  Some buddy is watching me...

This could not have been made with
out that fruit basket, thanks again

Stuck carrot, surprisingly easy to do
and very difficult to undo.

Tasty, but don't get it on your shirt or skin!

Neighbourly help for Tom's deck build

Bruce and I switching bikes and ripping out for lunch

Young man on an old man bike
and vice versa

You can do it...

Tail gate cash exchange that looked like a drug deal.
Swapping CAD fro USD to avoid bank rip off!

Seriously?  Get a bigger truck dude!

Bert and Brad on the course

Brett's Ladder Ball party

Easy buddy

Nailed it!

And more garage selling

Karaoke - The good and the bad of it.

This guy was quite good, but the atmosphere couldn't have been worse at the Horny Toad on a late Sunday afternoon.  I showed up to see how the open mic/guitar playing was and found this. Not for me.  Apparently they don't have the open mic anymore, replaced by karaoke ;-(

Allstar karaoker Kevin a buddy of mine, and former frontman of a band, does his best drunk singing to the song  "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy".  He always gets em up at Ducky's Pub.
The bad of Ducky's

Anthony's 40th - A nasty whip cream shot that you can't use your hands on.  Might be called a "blow job".  I will kill anyone who sends one of those my way.  Because I'm lactose intolerant!  I don't eat dairy of course so that would be a waste of alcohol, haha.
You made it buddy!

Other Stuff

Whoa, that's a dirty fridge!

South African Sausage - Boer wurst

Hard work paying off, eh Peter 

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