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December 2014 - Polo, Futbol, Andres Pomato and Going Vegan

December is always a good month for me since it holds the day I was brought in to this world.  On top of that it was a very active time.  More Polo, a South American Cup Final and yes trying Veganism (my way).

Last big meat meal - "La Gran Bife de Las Cabras"
500 grams of striploin!

Happy Birthday! 

From my director Phil

Polo from the cheap seats - Attended the semi finals between Allergria (my team) and Ellestina. Once again Kelsea gifted me free tickets this time in the "so called" cheap seats which were fantastic.  Thanks Kels, loved the cheap seats.  Great views, up close and in the action and lucky to have an overcast day too. 

No complaints here, great day of Polo.

Polo saddles

some of the 14 horses per player

River Plate vs Atletico Nacional.  Once again Sabri was gracious enough to invite me to a huge futbol match, the South American Cup Final between a Buenos Aires team River Plate and a Colombian team Atletico Nacional from Medellin.  On top of that she even bought me a b-day present, A River futbol jersey.  Big thanks Sabri, number "14" to represent the year I became a River supporter!

Lots of hype for sure and even more security than the River / Boca semi-final.  This was the second game of the best of two, the first in Colombia ended 1-1 so the advantage was to River.  Spirits were high in the River stadium.

Turn the camera on and they flock like moths to a light

Bus entrance for the teams

Awesome!  I get the feeling this car has been around a while

Look at the security in green

One hour before the game

Searching for the biggest fan

Not sure if I'm foreshadowing here or not?

Planes crossing the skyline

Colombian fans section

A mote surrounding the field to impede fans on to the pitch

Just like game 1 where the River fans, who made the trip to Colombia and had to sit in a fenced off section, the Colombians were given a nose bleed section of the stadium behind a major fence with barred wire.  Once I got a look at the antics of the visiting fans I can understand why they have it this way.  It was like watching caged monkeys with rabies.  Someone would have been killed for sure.

This guy seriously went off. 

Hey Sabri, what's all the fuss about, let's just enjoy...

Fans bribing this security guy to
hop the fence in to our better seats

The guard let more than 100 people, women, children, etc
climb over and join the people who paid more than $100 USD



Can't believe it but I was actually filming during a goal!  Check it out.

Seats???  Who needs seats...
And they wonder how and why
people get killed at these games

River 2 - Altetico Nacional 0

Although the potential was there for carnage I only witnessed a few street incidents; a couple motos and a car window.  But who knows as we left straight away to get out of there, jaja.

May be the dodgey street meat is the reason for the violence?

Moto cops ready

Riot cops ready

But who's watching the side streets!


La Plata Scene - One night in November I walked across the street and saw an aspiring singer.  Looking for singers for my film I introduced myself and he and the others in his band invited me to go to their next show in La Plata (a town 50 km out of Buenos Aires).  Wanting to check out La Plata and hear a bit more of the Andres Pomato band.  Good idea and I also discovered another band El Ente.  Check them both out in the videos below.

El Ente, two man band at La Pincoya.

Friendly lights telling you how long

Andres Pomato covering a Beattles song.

Andres' band

Later in the month at the Lonious to see Armando Alonso, just great!  Love this place.

Armando Alonso

Going Vegan.  Always wanted to drop meat for a bit just to see how my health went.  Since I haven't eaten dairy products for 20 years this meant I instantly became a Vegan.  Sounds serious...

As with everything when you are in a routine it is hard to change.  For example, when a person wants to quit smoking, but all their friends still smoke and all the bars they go allow it, etc.  Thanks to the guidance of Jessy I was able to dive in to this starting mid December.  But for how long???

A couple tasty dishes.

Quick stir fry with a potato base

Veggie kebabs

Pizza with Paparella (potato cheese!)

Broken stuff - Photos of some things needing attention around BA and in my life.  In particular the open door photo of my apartment building representing how the thieves got in a stole the $1000 swimming pool pump, urgh!

More safe work practices

My fear isn't some much if he falls, but if his platform does

Expensive Iphones considered the
best.  1 drop and this.  Dropped my
Blackberry 100 times and nothing.

Watch out.  Probably a reason we use fire hydrants in Canada

Family living in the streets

Poor door closer equals an apartment with robberies

From the latest storm

NYE - at the sister of Jocelito's girlfriend Vero's house.  Really fun night.

Resolutions - solve back problems, learn to dance, learn to love and LEARN SPANISH! 

Hot, humid night, but that doesn't stop Brazilians.  Let's dance

Big smiles

Humid smiles

Other Stuff

Understanding the happiness of kids

Understanding the happiness of

Wolves caught in the strobe light

Good times

In the streets at 1am a parade of bikes!

Argentinians travel in packs

Abasto Shopping

Performers for a Play gathering attention

The Obelisco

An actual gold car!!! WTF!

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