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January 2015 - Dakar 2015, Vegan Eating, Human Pyramids

January 2015 - Following my New Years' resolutions, eating vegan, birthday party pyramid and neighbourhood streets.  Plus my buddy from Peru rode the Dakar 2015 making this his 5 time.

Resolutions - learn to dance, love and finally fix my back problems!

Dakar 2015 - Lima buddy Carlo's 5th race since they moved it to South America from Africa.  Not only does he manage to stay alive every year (1 or 2 deaths per year), but he continues to finish better every year and this hazardous 9,000 km race over 12 days (2015 race) he came in 63rd.  Cars, trucks, convoy trucks, quads and motos all go for it over pavement, gravel, sand and whatever else is in the way.  Grueling!

Side story - Met Carlo for 5 minutes in Lima in 2012 on my big trip from Canada to Argentina.  While trying to solve my front issue at a shop he showed up to pick up some oil or something.  Once he saw my canadian plate we began to chat with my limited spanish.  When he mentioned he was a Dakar rider I gave him the keys and said go for it possibly helping with the analysis.  An honour to have a Dakar rider take the bike around the block.  After the ride we exchanged details.  Carlo mentioned if I needed a place to stay near Machu Picchu his family owns a hotel nearby (Q'awana).  Best part is I took him up on that offer and stayed a week for free in a beautiful spot near MP.  Big thanks again to him and his family!  Check the link to see the hotel... 

Dakar 2015 - Argentina, Chile, Bolivia
Me and Carlo V

Interesting photos of things Argentine.  The first set in particular makes me wonder why the government doesn't tow these abandon cars away considering they are eyesores and taking up near impossible to find parking spaces.

May be it will start

May be it's dead?

Not looking good to get moving again

Street BBQ, quite common actually

Friendly moto parkers

A glimpse of "Villa 31" (look it up)

Little help for the shorter legs
at the cinema

What is going on here?

Ouch, These are found on top of the wall to my apartment
5 floors above the street.  Serious protection.

Waited in this to buy 2 litres of coke.


Check the moto in the crossing

Getting healthy and eating Vegan (and fish) - Pretty much staying vegan with the help of Jessy and Buenos Aires Verde (Raw foods resto).  Thank you.  AND dropping weight like crazy!  When I arrived in November  I was 89 kg (196 lbs) and by the end of January 81 kg (178 lbs).  I haven't been that weight since I was 19 years old!

Are you serious, Brad on a bicycle?

Vegan nightmare - "I had a horrible dream"  " What, what happened?"  "I was eating a ham sandwich and I liked it"

Curry dish

Polenta, delicious.

Falafel and mushroom hummus
Sundried Tomato and Onions on Soy Milanesas

Delicious BBQ salmon

Krishna food, great.

Oh Sushi me!

Sole's Birthday Pyramid - Fun day out in Pilar for my friend Sole's birthday who is 1 month younger than you know who.  Looking good Sole and you host one hell of a party.  Thanks for all.



More Team

Can't believe how heavy it was.
5 levels forget about it!

Other Stuff

First cavity in 6 or 7 years = $100
Where's the party?
Fixing BB's, good fun