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March 2015 - Parks and Wrecks

March started with a bang ...of my moto side case.  Then lots of roller blading to stay in shape and enjoy the outdoors, street concerts in colegiales, a vegan dinner party and a couple Saturday rides with some Argentinian Moto Clubbers.

Broken side case - While navigating traffic in the city centre I found myself stuck behind a bus on a narrow street along with a bunch of other motos.  When the bus finally moved we all funneled through like syrup, me stuck to the right side edging passed a armored truck with big sharp bumpers.  As I squeezed past another moto cut me off tipping me towards the armored truck.  Oh shit!  Bumble and I made it, but unfortunately my side case took a direct hit.  Damn.  Here's the before and after once I applied the incredible 2 part epoxy JB Weld which I use on everything!

Recommend: JB Weld and Givi cases which pop off in an emergency minimizing the damage.

Found the missing piece on the ground near the truck bumper. 

Looks like a cool design that I
meant to do.  Not tested yet, but
I'm confident it will hold.

Roller blading in Parque de Palermo a few times in the month.  Great exercise for my knee recovery and so nice to surround yourself with green space in the big city.  Buenos Aires actually has quite a bit of green areas considering how heavily populated it is.  Parque de Palermo, I would guess, is probably the size of Central Park in NYC.

Goose side story.  The goose in the bag actually travelled almost 100 km by bus and train to get to the park that day.  The rescuer of the goose raised it for the last year or so and brought it to the park to release.  After the long trip hidden the bag with one look at the punks in the park he decided he wasn't ready to fend for himself and returned to his travel bag for the 100 km/ 5 hr return.

Blades are just so damn awkward to pack
A little style

Almost as if she learned from
watching Venice Beach videos

Jocelito, Jessy and yo

"I like it in here, those other geese are dicks!"

Biker pals.  Finally after 2 years and multiple invites I came out for a ride with Eduardo and group of moto riders from Buenos Aires.  They meet every Saturday at an ACA and go for lunch together after a coffee.  The first Saturday was intimidating and a true test to my spanish.  We went to an all you can eat Meat buffet and I didn't want to make a fuss so I quietly ate some pork and a tonne of salad bar.

On the second Saturday I was late and caught up with the guys 100 km out of town at the Pig roast of Navarro.  This day included an accidentally detour through Lujan which was a pleasant surprise.  Moto riders = Meat eating.  May be I can start a new page of Vegan Moto Riders, nah.

Meeting at the ACA Debenetti

All you can eat "Meat", oh no

Nice buffet

Amusement park in Lujan

Tourist town of Lujan

Those cars always remind me of
the James Bond chase seen in
"For Your Eyes Only"

Tourism = Bingo

Closing on Navarro

Pig party

When in Rome

My moto mafia

The pigs were not partying

On a day with everyone at the Pig Fair, why are the cops
telling us we can't park motos here in the main square. duh.

Classic group ride shot, each guy
dispersing at their exit

Vegan dinner party.  Well, if you are going to come eat at my house, you won't find any meat on the stove.  For all those who do cook meat at home all I can say is there is no grease in my kitchen.

Jessy, Ale, Vero, Jocelito, Maro, Hernan and Paper towel

Soy kebabs

Vecinas (Neighbours).  Check out the videos of these free street concerts every 3 weeks.  Some of the musicians actually live on this residential street which is handy for powering the sound equipment, etc.  Very nice opportunity to have some Mate and biscuits with your friends.

Nice acoustic song by Marcos Monk who I hope to use for the film sound track.

University trained in multiple

A mambo band which was very unexpected.

I think this is the first Mambo band
I've seen live.  Wow.  Lots of energy.

Around the Apartment.  Living in a 2 bedroom which means 1 bedroom and office, right?

My make shift office
Trying out the ball chair idea
Floral area

Working out on the roof of the building and taking in the city views

Other Stuff

Whole lot of dogs

Steady as she goes.  And could
definitely be a character from
I'm sorry ... What?
Just seems harder than it should be

Hair removal, Yes I have a little 
Tony Danza lower back

Favourite after class conversationalists Patrick and Lina

Efficient and affordable ice cream

Tight parking

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