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April 2015 - Egg Hunts, Parque Palermo and Acatraz Play Time

April began with a little North American Easter experience, followed by nice days in Parque Palermo and great nights at Acatraz a restaurant / bar with all the games you could desire.  I could live there.

Saludos from my office in BA

North American Easter, like all holidays in the north, is more commercial and not just about Jesus, hence why there is an Easter Bunny who hides Easter Eggs that children have to find the Sunday morning Jesus rose from the dead.  Makes sense and it helps those ever struggling (yeah right) chocolate producing companies.

Now, what to do when you don't have kids for your Easter Egg Hunt?  Do it anyway and make the others around you go for a look.

Yep, Planted a chocolate egg
on a Hindi god.  Lovin it.

My famous (not so famous) Medialuna de frances

Every weekend Parque Palermo is pumping with activity from bands to all kinds of sports to people just chilling in the grass drinking mate.

An editorial on Parque Palermo

Transvestite V-ball. I wonder if
the later life boob jobs effect
their school learned skills?
Pretty good action for sure.

Hockey in the Park!  Next year I'll have hockey rollers!  Notice the cement shaved stick blades.  Probably tough to buy hockey sticks in Argentina.

Acatraz.  Jessy and I reverting back to our childhood days where we both learned the game of pool and flipper (pinball) in different hemispheres.  I get the feeling my youth was more misspent than hers as well as my university playing foosball 4 hours a day.  Well it's made me the man I am today and won me some beers all over the world during my travels!

Wow, another level to Foosball, check it out!

This foos table can be found on the
street somewhere along the way
to Acatraz.

Solid form kiddo
A couple we challenged in the bar and had a lot of fun with.
More tables on the 5th level of the bar

Great food and beer and excellent prices too.
Get the Acatraz salad!

Some friends from Spanish class
I like beer, obviously.  Pretty big smile!
3 litres of love right there!

Other Stuff 

"All BBQ"
Everyone watching "Game of Thrones" these days
 |A touch up trip to Physio
Things are going ok with the new bionic knee
What's in this photo?
My Spanish work all over the road!

Buenos Aires International Film Festival

$4 lunch and 1 hr of writing, good deal
Homemade vegan Pastel de Papa

Spanish class learning how to make "trufas"
Little balls of coco and chocolate

Lesson in vegan Empanadas

Heavy rain that video can't do justice!

New style apartments in BA.
And they never moves.

Love the money counting machines! $10,000 pesos in 5 seconds!

In 2001 $10,000 pesos = $10,000 USD
Now 2015 $10,000 pesos = $800 USD

Spider wrapping it's prey and dragging it home for the kids.

Poor workmanship.  This tile was
cut way too big, but not big enough
for the next size up cover
No win situation.

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