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June 2015 - Find my moto a home, 3rd flights a charm, back to Canada

June 2015 was time to head back north to Canada, but first I had to find a spot to leave Bumble Bee, find a plane that could actually leave Buenos Aires then return to my Oil and Gas world.

Last days in BA...

Mushroom sandwich, delicious

Vegan Alfajor, yummy

Still good?

Might need to tie that muffler on??

What's that?

Very Beatle like "Abbey Road" shot

All vegan at "Vita"

more vegan

I hope the guy didn't charge his passenger ...

Can you sort this mess out please?

Bit cold at Palermo Park

3 on 3 tourney like the ones in the US

Brazilians dancing in the Park

If I ever had a band I'd need one of these "Band in a Semi"

Briganti shoe shopping

Well, someone will make this a home

Oh yeah.

Home for the bike.  Always a little bit tense trying to lock down where to leave the moto and this year was no different as my last place was not available, too bad.  Long story short, I had two good options and settled on a great spot out by the airport which meant I could ride to the airport saving the crazy taxi costs ($35 USD for Argentinians is like $150-200 USD for an American).  Thanks to Fernandito for connecting me with Hernan.  And thanks to Mauro for helping me change the brakes and oil the day I was leaving.  And of course thanks to Hernan for giving my a place to store Bumble.
Just incredible, filled house of Motos and everything Moto.

Quite the collection
What to get the guy who has everything!
What a bedroom

Quick service of Bumble

Thanks Mauro

Thanks Hernan

Can I go home now?  I wish I could say my flight home experience went smoothly, but it didn't.

The first attempt was June 16.  I packed up the moto and road to the airport after saying my goodbyes.  Once I put everything away and Hernan dropped me at the airport I arrived at the checkin line looking around thinking this short line should be moving a lot faster.  Oh no, the flight had be cancelled a few hours earlier and I had to back track all the way to the Buenos Aires apartment.

Let's just say Jessy and everyone else was quite shocked.

A wonderful last breakfast at Vita cafe.
OMG - try the chocolate mousse pie!!!
Back from the airport at the security gate of the apartment.  I told Jessy it was a pizza delivery to which she said she didn't order anything.  Then she asked what was the order and I told her "a canadian".  The video captures the moment she comes down to let me in.

Great day to get to the Airport

The second attempt was June 23.  Due to booking my first flight with points the best reschedule available was a week later.  Anyway... I headed to the airport on the moto again, put everything away and got another ride to the airport from Hernan.  This time I got in the plane and as we were backing up all the power, I mean all the power! went out.  We sat in the plane at the gate for 2 hours as they played around, a couple of moments of complete darkness for stints of 5 minutes or so.  Around 12 am I was back in the airport in a taxi line that of course United paid for.

Off for the second time to the airport.  Luckily another
nice weather day.

A video from the plane in total darkness.  Better to leave on a plane fit for service than this one.

Poor girl..."he's never leaving"

The third attempt was June 24.  All I can say is once I got through the huge check in line I was happy to find myself in economy plus seating at least until I found out they had mixed up all the meals and I was stuck with the beef at my own risk.  Well at least I had leg room and a TV that worked.  Again on the second flight (Houston to Calgary) United was kind enough to put me in economy plus.  Unfortunately it wouldn't be United if they didn't leave a bad taste in my starving mouth.  Landed in Calgary and happy to be done with the journey, I waited at the luggage carousel to realise my first bag was missing two wheels and my second bag was not to be found.  Uff.

Follow up good news - United compensated me with a few hundred bucks in gift certificates for my next cancellation adventure, delivered my lost bag and bought me a new suitcase too, I guess I should say thanks for the headaches...?

What happens when your cancelled flight runs with the
regular flight the next night.  People from my flight the night
before switched over to the earlier flight packing it and
leaving my flight virtually empty!!!

Love the visual reminders.
Some great stuff
Chau Argentina
Little cloud explosions

Video showing happy Brad with too much leg room.

Oh Yeah!

Back to Texas, and the cold (shoulder) U-S-of-A.  What's with the 8 passenger golf carts driving all over the airport.  Where are people supposed to walk??

Hot outside, but a cool reception
Seems friendly enough

Chau Houston

United leaving me bag-less

Back in Red Canada.  All back together again.  Home with a job, new pub opened by my house and endless reunions with my friends.  Oh and possibly a visitor on her exciting...

Tom's sweet Toyota back running

Sold one of my bikes before I even registered it

There you go.

Yeah I like RED...

Oh great, Taxes

Trap and Gill fish tacos
Working man

Veggie burger, oh yeah

New to the area as well, a sign?


Ship and Anchor with Chris

Bonny at the Trap

Oh geez...

Other Stuff

Argentina key cutting.
Can't believe they both work

Quilted tree in Argentina colours

Some more Briganti shoes
Oh, Costa chocolate brought back from Ireland for me

Neglect - when a spider runs wild in
my 8 months unused downstairs tub