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July 2015 - Argentinian Visitor, Stampede, Mountain Tour

July 2015 - Jessy arrived for a visit, the usual Stampede shenanigans, and a nice cruise out to the Rocky Mountains and Shuswap lakes.  As well, a trip out for a Funeral in Saskatchewan for my Uncle Bill where my Grandma had a mild heart in the church, but she was ok.

A busy month for sure, like being shot out of a Cannon at the Stampede!

A scene from the Calgary Airport.
Quick hide, someone is coming

Stampede 2015 - First Friday Stampede Parade, a few work parties during the day, a birthday at the Calgary Tower, a night at Ranchmans and the final Sunday at the Stampede Grounds to spread over the 10 days.  Good times.

First Friday Stampede Parade from the terace of PI Engineering, thanks Paul.

Here we go!

Pancake breakfast.

Yes, Canada has a tank

And lots of Bulls

Girls just love men in uniform

This guy won't make
it 10 days!

A little Western Dance show during the Willbros party and a Blast from the Past.

Donny S, my first weight training
coach and son of my first babysitter

Calgary Tower Birthday.  Happy Birthday Jessy!  We went up to the top of the Calgary Tower for a nice dinner and a great view of the city and the Stampede Fireworks at 120 m above the street.

I won't dare go out on the glass floor.

To start


Birthday Cake!


The Tower from the street

Cowboys with TSE and the U of C Chemical Engineers and Chris K.  This is the annual Chem Eng party that I started crashing 15 years ago then turned it in to a mini Colt reunion which keeps getting bigger.  Thanks to TSE and the ex-Colters working there I always plan it the day of their Stampede party to ensure there are some fun people.  Always a good time and made better by the help of Alex H again this year.  Thanks for the tickets bud.

Sign at the Casino entrance to Cowboys.

Making out, still totally fine at

And winking is good too

Happy 40th Mackenzie
The Classic Ranchmans near my house.  I used to dislike this place thinking it was a bit boring, but that was probably because we were there in the afternoon and it was a little too cowboy for me.  Now a days it's my favourite Stampede venue being close to home, very authentic with a balance of modern tunes and full of activities like bull riding indoors and outside.  Some times you can even catch true Rodeo Stars having a few beverages.

Looks like a good place

Always a mechanical bull

More of these signs Calgary!!!

Jessy ripping up the line dancing.

Team: Tanya, Nathan, Jessy, Me

And finally the Stampede Grounds.  Can't remember if I had ever been to some of the shows, so we spent the day running around checking out Cirque Eloize, Super Dogs- Hollywoof, Cannon Lady, Evolution Extreme and Magic! (Jessy's favourite band of 2015).  All for the price of the general adimission to the grounds of $18.  Definitely recommend all of the shows.

Massive inside these Teepees

Indian Village
Pigging out on Pricy Food!

Those Little Donuts, famous for as long as I can remember.

Winner of Best Food on a Stick 2015
The Peanut Butter Cupboard's
$12 "Kabob". 
Although heavy and sweet I wasn't
wasting a drop of it!

Some crazy spectacular basket ball dunk.

Huge Hot Tub with deep end of 2 m

Shake your booty and lose weight for only $800.

Just stand there and lose

Superdogs - Hollywoof

Check out the air time

Argentina comes to the Stampede, Mate and
Those Little Donuts

The caption says it all ;-)
With luck one of Jessy's favourite bands at the moment - Magic! - were at the Stampede Coco Cola stage.  And it turns out they are Canadian too.  Wow.  Good show and a big surprise for Jessy.

Watch Jessy as she figures out her favourite band Magic! is on stage.  Priceless.

Then Evolution of Extreme leading into the firworks at 11pm. Quite the day!

On the catwalk, catwalk yeah

Big Air

Light up the sky
Holy crap, it's seriously all happening in this video!  Fireworks and Stunt guys on Fire!

What a day!

From 10 days of Stampede to the Shuswap Lakes for a break thanks to the invite from Brent and Tanya who rent a cabin out there every year.  No better place to relax than interior British Columbia lake side with friends and water sports.

Not the best packing for 3 days

Man, a moto ride through BC looks good
Into the mountains

Chateau Lake Louise

Beautiful spot, but chilly for a swim

An afternoon stop in Golden to enjoy one of my favourite places in the world at the top of Kicking Horse Mountain - Eagle Eye Restaurant. Later closer to the bottom of the mountain we had a visit with Boo the Grizzly bear.

Gondola to the top

Looking North



Guided climbs available

Good spot for a think...

Down and then up to the Grizzly Refuge


Big grizzly that Boo, who is now more than 12 years old.

On the lake staying in Eagle Bay 3 nights which quickly turned in to 4 due to our addiction to the lovely area and company.

Billy the Great

Easy stuff, right?


Oh shit

Cosy private accommodation

Brent's kids loving it

Brent's other kids from Argentina


Kinda like the Corona ads

Navy Seals with multiple
rescue missions

The peace of a paddle board

Wake Surfing, I don't get it

No, I mean I really don't get it...

Night swim

Chilly for some

A few other points from July

Red Baron bought last year, sold
after only 30 km driven as it is not
needed for the movie

Turbo will be alright and now he has twice the parking

Visited the grave of Pete

Burial of Uncle Bill

Prairie Sunset an hour from Calgary

My Grandma Emma who had a mild heart attack at the
Funeral.  Tough day for her for sure loosing her best friend.

Me, Auntie Tony, Bonny

Hertiage Park, minutes from my

Full of nature

Other Stuff

"Hey Pearl, you got ya tickets ready for those foreigners"

When did onions become the size
of melons?


Funny business name "White Disposal"

A nice spot by the Kicking Horse

The classic Alberta sign, love it.

Riders fans are the biggest

That's a good beer at
Grizzly Paw, Canmore

Two years in a row I find parking by the "asshole" parker

View of the Hertiage Park Ferry
Cool change counter at the bank

RCMP Teepee next to the
Native party stage. Security.

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