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September 2015 - TLOB continues...Man I love this time of year

September 2015 was a comfortable month with temperatures between 18 and 28 C all the days and probably my favourite month to be in Calgary as we cross over from summer to winter.  Great for golfing, riding and crashing bikes around Heritage Park and rafting the Bow River.  As well, the non weather dependent start of Ice Hockey, Pro and Amature.

Crushing it like a Pro at the driving range Jessy took her first swings ever with good results as seen in the video.

It's tricky

A little Ice Hockey, Amature and Pro.

We decided buying some pucks to spread around my beer league was a good marketing tool for the 1 year old company I work for.  Each game I play with the "Oil Barons" I send a few pucks down to the oppostions end during warm ups.  I have yet to have one come back...swag accepted.

The ADIT front office (Elliot, Jay)
Looks alright

Out numbered, this play did not finish with me scoring.

Pro hockey - NHL preseason for the Calgary Flames.  Another tourist moment for Jessy and a great opportunity to enjoy Brendan's company tickets with he and Xavier.

Xavi and Brendan

Everyone is a Flames fan...

Calgary Flames vs
Colorado Avalanche

Other Recreational Activity

Kung Fu Elvis!

New horse shoes

Mom and Baby throwing shoes.

Bonny ripping it up at Margret's 65

Good times at Richmonds Pub

Finally made it out for a nice raft down the Bow River in late Sept.  I had planned to use my new pre-owned kayak, but it didn't pass the test at Lake Midapore when Tom and I discovered two holes in it.

Failed kayak test at Lake Midapore.  2 Holes.

Let's get down to business

Little video of the tranquil Bow as I guide my tourist on a Sunday afternoon.

Guiding the rugged waters.

Other Stuff


Transformer BMW

Should be an Autobot

If this was a transformer it would be a Go-Bot

In Canada people need signs to make
sure people know something is a
give away.  

Broken mower after hitting a water
access on my lawn.  A good 15 years

That's a sad girl after crashing a bike
at Heritage Park.


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