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November 2015 - Illuminati Wedding, Mystery Package, New Car and Intro to Winter

November was a month a little more off the beaten path during my times in Calgary.  Went to a high end wedding at a secret club, received a mystery package from NZ, spontaneously bought a car and gave a skiing lesson to an ESLer as she began to experience Calgary Winter.

ADIT Team on a site visit.  The comparison has been made!

Kevin and Tiffany's Wedding and "Illuminati" Reception at the Calgary Golf and Country Club (the oldest private golf club in Calgary).  Hidden right next to the Elbow River, which I have rafted by many times, I was beside myself to see the size of land it occupies when we arrived.  At the entrance to the club they asked us to leave our cell phones outside.  What secrecy...

A beautiful night, great four course meal with delicious wine and champagne.  Congrats Kevin and Tiffany and thank you for the invite.

Mr. and Ms. Kevin S

Nice ride away from the church

Dad dancing with the Bride

A few good men

Long forgotten Stuff in NZ.  A mystery to me as I had forgotten what still remained in NZ arrived at my house after sitting in the storage of a Canadian friend's house in Auckland for 4 years.  Thank you some much Curtis and Kaylene for storing it and bringing it up to Canada in piece meal over the years.

Two  bags full sir

This was the light one

Dive stuff, clothes, a Hammock! etc.

For a date night I thought I would Buy a Car, then go for dinner and some Blues!

Turned on my computer at work in the morning, saw this beautiful RSX Type S with low km "supposedly" in mint condition and I was hooked.  That night four of us (3 engineers and a date) went to check it out in the dark. I bought it.  To be fair I had been looking for a few months at cars just not this type and this sporty, but I figured it was a good deal so I jumped on it putting my faith in the Older English Chef owner.

After the purchase we trimmed two people out of the group and headed to "the Coupe" a vegetarian restaurant with the most expensive "specialty of the night" drinks (never order a mixed drink with brandy as one of the ingredients).  Oh and be sure to ask the price, or at least look it up even if it is a date!  $13 for this pink drink in the photos.

2002 RSX Type S, 200 hp, heated leather seats, bose stereo,
fog lights, winter and summer tires on rims, etc.

Veggie wok

A lentil curry, rice and salad

Legendary Gammy Winning Canadian Don Ray Johnson at Mikey's Juke Joint (Best Blues Bar in Calgary).

Young grasshopper, before you can master the slopes of the ski fields you must first master the slopes of the drive way... and the flat ice of the community skating rink...

Wax on

Wax off

When do I get to go skiing?

Fly on the ice young grass hopper

"Isn't it kind of cold to be

Finally at the end of the month as the ski hills began to open we ventured out to Norquay Mountain and a night at Hidden Ridge Resort (and their hot pools).

Early enough in the morning 7 ish am
to catch a full moon

Strong blowing winds were no match for the RSX

One of the only mountains open during the week this early
in the season had only a few runs open which was perfect 
for beginner and someone who had not skied in years.

Good stretch albondiga

The calm before the storm atop the only chair lift open
Jessy on the bunny hill (can't remember what they call it these days).

What, Make a pizza???

Taking the magic carpet back up the beginner slope and a little play-by-play on the skiing classes.

Side Story - Unable to turn right at the top of the mountain Jessy headed straight down sitting on the back of her skies too scared to adhere to the advice of everyone on the hill "Fall on your side!".  Like a bullet she made it to the bottom in seconds, me trailing the whole way unable to catch up and wipe her out before she killed herself and someone else.  Whoa.

So you're saying you want to go
back to the Magic Carpet hill.

A little showing of my skills for those who weren't sure I could handle more than the magic carpet.

My work here is done

Great spot on Tunnel Mountain rd.

Gimme some more of that good Full Moon stuff

Hot pools

Frozen hair

Perfect location

Beautiful room and fire place


Other Stuff

You're adit on my mind.  Not a lot of points though.

Stuffed potatoes and stir fry

What the hell?

It blows me away that I can pack a motorbike for 6 months
on the road yet struggle to pack a car for one night!

Just a marshmellow


At Julio Barrio get this dessert!!!

smoked salmon salad rolls

Man, is this a sign the world is running out of food or
poor management at Superstore???

Anniversary tree

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