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October 2015 - The Trap, Snakes and Spiders, Flames and Halloween with a Stag

October 2015 a fun month.  An Intro to the Trap and Gill, tour of Telus Spark Science Centre, Oilers vs Flames Hockey game, Pumpkin Carving, and 2 Halloween Nights including a Stag/Bachelor Party with the Dukes of Hazard.

German Zombie and a Lovely Witch

The Atlantic Trap and Gill - a quick shout out to my local pub within stumbling distance to the house.  Having changed owners and names 4 times in 10 years I think we have a winner now as a long standing pub moved locations to this the Studio 82 location.  They should be around for ever - It's a Newfoundland pub!

Recommendation: FISH AND CHIPS. Grilled fish and potatoes flown in from Prince Edward Island!

They have to call it Alantic instead
of Newfoundland by law as the
government doesn't want to promote
drinking.  Ridiculous!

Live Celtic bands every Friday and Saturday night

And some times you see a naked
Beer Gut.

Telus Spark which is the new Science Centre in Calgary after they stopped using the Planetarium.  We joined an adults only pre-Halloween evening to face some fears and check out the science of it all.

Obviously later my tower went higher...

Fear of Spiders setting in

Spiders are easy for me, but...
Not snakes, yuck!

I didn't love this one either, but I did
do it.  During Jessy's turn they lifted
the coffin in the air and spun her!

Flames Nights - Special Thanks to Ryan B. for both nights at the Flames games especially the Oilers!!!

Hey guys, the seats are over here...
(Myron, Chris, Vic)

Oh Harvey the Hound, the Flames
mascot, always hitting on chicks.

Look at this!  Melts in your mouth.

Ryan and Blaire

Go Oil!  5-2 Oiler win.

Bonny Bday and Pumpkin Carving one week before Halloween hit.

"Next to the day I was born"
(inside the card)

Bonny over the moon with her new curling gloves

Using the "Pumpkin Master" carving
kit we went to work

You can toast the brains (seeds) in the oven with soya sauce

Finished Jack-o-Lanterns
(Bonnys, Brads, Jessys)

Cowboys Halloween - October 30 we went to a place I knew would have lots of costumes the night before Halloween as I had a stag party of an old engineering friend of my, Kevin S, on Halloween Night, October 31.

Filling up the dance floor

Sheep - Must be a New Zealander

I always enjoy the baby/mama costume

Wonder woman and friends
Speaker Dancing

Princess Jasmine has seen better days.
A very interesting train ride home.

A rental General Lee

Bo and Luke Duke

Dukes of Hazard - Car2Go Edition

At Aussie Rules for the Stag Party

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice

Kev taking the General Lee for a spin

Finishing the night off

Other Stuff

The Wok Story:  Guy was asking $8 on kijiji for a brand new
wok.  I offered $5 and would pick it up.  He settled on $5.50
and delivered to me.  Bless him for being a hard saleman.
Wok retails at London drugs for $26, we are happy with it.
Mom and Son sorting out back issues

Thanksgiving Dinner for Pescatarians

Elliot's new baby fresh from Japan.  300hp all wheel drive
The only disadvantage - You can't see shit when turning

This guy maximising his tree house

Thank god I have this photo for
study purposes.  I still don't get it.

Argentina Rugby makes the final 4 of the World Cup

If you guessed $500 for these shoes
you can't buy them.
Bullshit Prada sneakers for $600+

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