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June 2016 - Winds of Change and Getting to Nature

Returning back to Canadian life in June I sought out some answers and direction spending a little time by myself at Brendan's Family cabin, nature with friends crossing the US border, fishing for the first time in Canada since I was a boy and finally decided to follow my dream of sailing.

Could this be the beginning of the next 10 years of TLOB

Nice to return to some warmth in Calgary.  A very dry winter and June for that matter so most people were wondering when the rain would come (ah July/August?).

Sweet Side Story: One day early in the month as I was messing about in the garage with the door open a big suburban full of blond 20 something, highly energetic young adults stopped in front of the house.  The suit and well dressed family type jumped out and ran on to my lawn saying they were going to take a picture of my house.  Obviously I was caught off guard and settled everything down in order to get the full story, which turned out to be awesome.  It seems the band of blondies were the grandkids to the first owners of my house back in 1958 (The bought it for $13,000 CAD!).  They were at the funeral of the grandmother earlier in the day and decided to check out the place it all began.  What a special house and thanks to the Ollinger family for sharing this moment and story with me.  Some photos from back in the day.  BTW, apparently their parents know "Reg" a pillar of my community who's been here since at least 1958!

The colour hasn't changed much

Always a party place!

Mark, Alana, Steven, Kristen (The Grandkids)

Getting my head on straight some times means backing the screw out to insure it's threaded on correctly first.  Out to Brendan's family cabin near Red Deer Lake.

Poor packing for 3 days

Oh yeah, back on Turbo!
Oh there's a smile there

The old CP rail
Tuna and guacamole sandwiches

That looks good

Hello!  "Rad Ass Kickers World Tour"  You're the best Billy!
Supplies for the reflection night

Sitting by the camp fire with my Tequila.

Let's exercise some demons


share with your buddies

Set this up at 2am!

The next morning still in my tent.

Well that's a good night, I think

Heading back after 3 days of thinking

Looks like a storm to the west


Mid Month, Brent's 40th birthday, boys version.  A group of us headed South across the US border 1 hour to Whitefish, Montana a place I never was before (and only 4 hours from Calgary!).  What a nice spot and what an amazing condo/cabin!  Have a look and Happy Birthday Brentski!

A sign, a wild weekend is ahead!
Crownest version "Bat Mobile"
Welcome to Whitefish
All about guns
The Palace

What a palace in White Fish, come for a tour with me.

Kitchen and Dining

My low end room, haha.

Nice evening walk

The view from the Ski Village
Just need a bacon smile

The boys starting a downhill
Me, chilling and writing

Look at that piece of Swordfish!

More relaxing
Check out Kevin's footage of a downhill ride.  

"Hey Brad, Want to go Fishing?" asked Art.  "Ah, well it's been 30 years in Canada, but ok."  I got online and bought my Alberta Fishing License and then made my way to Crawling Valley which is about 1 hour outside of Calgary.  Check it out!

Damn, I was making good time
Passing through the SikSika Indian Reserve 
Crawling Valley

How many guys are here?

Only 3 and me?
I had a whole wing in Curtis's trailer

Bird Island

First catch!


Little Pike action,
which are like Crocodiles
Big Walleye

Is that 20 cm or don't you
 mean 20 inches! (tall tales)

On the boat loving the Fishing

Glass water conditions

And finally in the month I took my step forward in to the sailing world when I bought this little Siren 17.  To do list next month - LEARN TO SAIL!

Hey, this fits in my garage

I'll take it!

Celebration of my new Boat with B

Other Stuff

That's a lot of Olives

Canadian, Huge, and Named Bubba
No idea what goes inside it?

What's under my downstairs fridge?
A mouse skeleton, possibly 7 years under that fridge

My old bike, only 30+ years old

Pittsburgh wins the Stanley cup, boo!

Damn stretchy ropes!

A backside sprayer or Bum Gun as it's know in Thailand

Saving on Toilet Paper!

Found my Gross Collection
19 pieces chewing gum, teeth,
stitches, scabs

My buddy, lead guitarist Phil's new band "Belvue"

Fly swatter, sort of.  Somebody has to buy it.
Doesn't work like it should

Time to rip my 8 month injured toe nail off.  It's not gross!


We are truly cattle some times especially when technology fails us. 

Like a huge RV on the highway
as the traffic lines up