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August 2016 - Fish Fry, Sailing, Olympics, Tragically Hip End

August started with the yearly Fish Fry at Brendan's cabin, lots more sailing and some repairs and of course I enjoyed the Olympics as much as possible.  On the music scene I began to scout a place to go on stage for the first time and the final Tragically Hip concert was aired on CBC.  Thanks Gord.

Eat, Breathe and Dream

August Long Fish Fry.  Just a good old time out at Brendan and Andrea's cabin for a few nights of fun.  Check out the ridiculous sized RV trailers on the road going camping around Alberta.  Do they really need a house?

Probably a master bed room and 2 more bedrooms

Probably has 2 bathrooms
Even the Horse trailers look fit for a king


Some fun and games, beer consumption, fishing, and great food and friends.  Awesome weekend and I can't wait until next year!

This is fun, but I need a drink

That's the stuff.  Oh Hugo

Let's sleep it off first.
You threw the keys at least 5 m
from the car right?
Xavier "Got Beer"

Before drinking of course
After drinking of course!

We are going to feel it tomorrow


Less perfect


Makes me hungry every time
Deep fried Salmon is AMAZING!

Mary, Marion, Xavier, Bronwyn, Hugo

Fishing?  But the fish fry was

Big boat for a small lake

It was more of a drive around
than fishing

Ciao Bellos!

More Sailing and a little Repairs.  Some nice moments out on the Reservoir sharing my new passion with great friends.  It's my new phrase, "Let's get out for a sail"

I got to get one of these!
20 people Dragon Boat 

Paddle Boat "Moyie"
Billy, Tom

Brendan, Nathan, Chris

Look at all the birds
Me and Brendan on a chillier day

Trailer rails are done

The trick is you need to do this while the boat sits docked.

Olympics.  As always I became glued to the Olympics.  Some great stories and good future for Canada.  Some events and rules still bug me, but what can you do.  A shame the muslim world doesn't allow their (female) athletes to wear proper attire to be on the same compete level as the other athletes, but I guess it makes it all that sweeter if some day they win.

A little warm?

Egypt vs Germany

135kg woman!

Music - 
Open Mic.  As before when I did stand up comedy I decided to start checking out open mics for playing guitar and singing.  I recommend this process to anyone.  "Give yourself a chance.  When you want to do something put yourself around that experience and the next thing you know you will be doing it!"  

At Mikey's Juke Joint Wednesday Nights.  Over my head...

Tragically Hip last concert.  Due to the lead singer, Gord Downie, being diagnosed with Brain Cancer the hugely famous Canadian 90's rock band decided to have one last tour finishing where they began in Kingston, Ontario.  What's more incredible is that the national TV station CBC diverted from Olympic coverage to show the 3+ hours of concert watched by 12 million Canadians (33% of the country).  Very, very cool to hear that.

At Brendan's watching on the big screen.  Gord Downie,
Paul Langlois, Rob Baker, Gord Sinclair and Johnny Fay
The Tragically Hip

Gord Downie

Other Stuff

Motorcycle shop bathroom with a motorbike in it!

What a sushi roll!

Cleaning out the drain pipe

Plan for Big Red

shot from my house

Come on Pete.  He made a full change in the bar.

Love the Germans.  Not supposed
to be funny, but this autotrader is.

Out to Sundre for a camping stag.

Very secluded.

F'off cracker!
We had the entire campground to ourselves (booked it!)

Beers bee

Mike A's stag.

Of course some one had to do it!
2.5 metres high using gasoline.

Wiperess Camping areas

Investment bankers that have know idea

Ghost Lake, next years sailing

Horse crossing in Banff

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