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Germany 2016 - Top speed to Lake Kontanz, Frankfurt and Hamburg

Italy in to Germany passing Liechtenstein!! stopping in Lake Kontanz, Frankurt and Hamburg.  Visiting friends and drinking beer with Martin for the 6th Europe trip (every time I have been to Europe we have a beer or 20!).  Great to see all my German friends and thank you for all your care.  With out people like yourselves travel is not the same.

Let's begin...Brad, Blu and a 10 hour opening day.

Not Recommended: Don't take the Italian Toll Highway - 13euros for me and a f"ing moto for 200km (C2R8T4V4)!

Belama to Lecco C3R7T6V4, all towns.

Brad and Blu

Heading North to the Alps

Lake Como

No time to stop today

Lake Como

Tons of motos out for a ride


Lecco to Torrente Bitto, C2/3R8T2V3 - All tunnels.
After Lake Como a well deserved break and enjoyment of the hill side villages.  Wild!
Oh shit, lots of tunnels which I
love, but not much lake views

Road side in the mountain valleys of Italy taking a break.
Building on a hill side, interesting

Video of the hairpins and villages going up to the Splugen Pass (deja vu).  C8R7T4V8 mountain pass looking down on a huge valley, hairpins to the top and down the Swiss side on to a ski field which of course closes in the Winter time.

Yeah buddy


Shot at 70 kph


Not in a million years will that
be me!

I've been here before, what are the odds of that.  
The deep valley below

Video passing the Lake/Reservoir.

Are those rock shingles?

Traffic up here?
Lots of riders, no time to stop


I feel the top is around these corners

Coming back down in to Swiss territory.


The highway cutting across
Splugen ski fields

Liechtenstein!!  Who can say they have been there...which is basically 5 off ramps from the Swiss E43 as you head North towards Lake Kontanz.   Population in 2016 - 37,833.  A place you feel your vote makes a difference.

This feels like ...


I've made it!

Are the rulers of Liechtenstein home?

Liech... license

Very cool design

Not wanting to get lost I stayed on the only main road

Lake Kontanz (Constance) for the night.  I arrived around 7pm after driving quite consistently for the day and only 600km in 10 hours.  Oh those mountain passes can take a lot of the day.  I passed the Swiss side of the Lake hoping to save on accommodation which I kinda did after I found a pdf of Lonely Planet from 2008 that pointed me to the one hostel at that time (didn't have wifi at the gas station).  HI hostels are always in cool locations and buildings and this one no different in a 8 storey tower, say what!  Just what a guy needs at the end of a huge riding day, 8 flights of stairs.  What a view in the morning though.

View from the tower.

Slightly clouded in

Ralf a newer German rider
going South.  Enjoy!

You can see the tower I stayed in at the top right

I could hang in Lake Konstanz again

The lapping lake of Kontanz.

Yeah, sailing

Day 2 on the road.  Frankfurt for 2 nights.  Waited the rain out until 10:30am and was on my way, what patience!  Kontanz to Tubingen (Martin and Roman's main town next to their village).  All Autobahn C2/3R8T3V5 (rolling hills, towns and farms) except for the last 15 km which had a massive traffic back up do to some accident going East.  I couldn't believe the patience of the drivers as the cop told every person individually that there was an accident 5 km East which didn't effect my route or anyone going North.  I think the cop, if in Canada, the created this 4 km back up would have had his head taken off.

German station wagon rips passed me and I was going 140 km/hr!

I actually got up to 200 km/hr :-)

Seriously, This was the reason for a 4km back up.
I thought he was looking for a murder suspect or something.

Old Town Tubingen

Cool walking tunnel
A Uni student fav / cheap "Export"

Lots of toppings, but didn't compare
to the Italian one in Padova.

How cool, I think I've seen this in
Calgary now too.
Hanging in Frankfurt with Palmira, Bodo and his partner Christian (DieZwo).  I don't think I paid for a meal or a drink.  Great German (Portugese) hospitality.

What a spread!
Too funny

Muffler got me.  All bikes now a days have protection,
but I guess not in 2005.

Over night parking on the street

First time I have seen Bodo in pants!
Ever!!!  He had a meeting.

For just being me I suppose.

Tasty Vegan Pate

DieZwo Team, Ciao guys
Day 4 on the Road - Hamburg to visit Martin who I have seen ever time I have been to Europe and usually multiple stops like in 2009 (3 times including drinking all night in Koln then taking the train to Frankfurt and Flying home.  Of course we are older and wiser now...  Same old same old.  Laugh a lot, drink a lot of beer and sleep a lot with a lot of bike riding, walking and even kayaking to balance out the party.

Autobahn to Hamburg, C3R7/8T4/8V5 - some heavy traffic at points, rolling hills, towns, windmills.

I don't find the Autobahns boring at all.  Cool bridges, etc
and I can go as fast as I want!

Lots of construction sections
Follow the yellow lines!

Lots of Trucks.  Hamburg is the 2nd largest shipping port
in Europe.

Getting tight

No idea?

This Ferrari said ciao as soon as
the no limit speed section began

Kilometres of trucks and traffic

Bridges of Hamburg

Lots of motos in Hamburg
Hop on Hop off tour bus


Sit tight Blu
Now the fun stuff!
Hamburg by the Aussenalster Lake.

My European Bro!

At one of the beach club bars on the Harbour

One of two Beach Clubs

I really like this shot

Harbour at night

Charging stations

Never understand why prisons are in prime real estate areas

Kayaking on the Aussenalster River

Nice paddle boat

Look at that

Hey guys, can I get my salad please
May be wash your hands first.

Well, might as well enjoy

Main train station

Luigi's a top resto in Hamburg
Um, get off my bike please!  It's not a toy.

More Harbour

Beaches, Nice!

TV tower behind me
"Cornering."  Since you can drink publicly in Germany and quite a few countries in the world people in Hamburg have decided to hang in the streets as per the video.

Not Cornering.  This is the Red
Light District of Hamburg

"When in Hamburg."  Ride bicycles a little under the influence.  The video is shot poorly to produce the effect, the feel of the scene...right?


Other Stuff

No way, Little people get to pee for free!
Heightism, that's what that is.

I wish I had a 500 euro bill!
Chocolate Mentos

Delicious Nocoise Salad

Man, where was this shop when
I was buying gloves

Over 400 euros in sailing rigging to get this bed to hang.
Crazy awesome!


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