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2016 - Finland (Suomi), Moto Buddy, Finnish Hockey and Saunas!

Finland time was all spent in Helsinki after a morning moto ride from Turku in 5 deg C.

The ferry arrived at 7am (I lost 1 hour going East to Finland and 1 hour potential sleep as the boat crew started getting everyone up at 6am to have a faster turn around and right back to Stockholm).  A beautiful morning seen from the ship as we navigated the Finland West Coast and then off to Helsinki.  But first, some more clothes on, I mean all my clothes on!

Aftermath of the big night on the boat

Morning Moon

Because the boat is Swedish they fly this flag off the back
and a smaller Finnish flag towards the bow as a courtesy.

Getting close

To live here, wow

Heavy equipment 
Tight parking!  I may have been yelled
at for bumping a guys car with my bag

Here we are, Turku, Finland

Turku seems nice


It's F'ing Cold 5 deg C

Taking the old main highway C3R6T3V6

Imagine hitting anything in this cold

Possibly the worst coffee shop of the trip, warm at least
No internet, high prices and poor quality.  ouch.

Crazy Fins still riding in this cold


I arrived in Helsinki to Tani's apartment, a friend I made in Argentina, with no internet and no way to contact him I asked the help of a stranger (who turned out to be some famous Dancer so that was cool, Anniina Raittinen) who called him and sorted it out for me.  Thanks!

Tani and I had some good days attending a Finnish pro hockey game, a couple good nights out, watching some World Cup of Hockey and enjoying Finnish Saunas which in Finland are just Saunas!

Season opener

Green shirt guy stood and clapped
for 15 minutes in the opening.

I've seen this before.

No skates!!!  Dangerous.

Finnish Pro Hockey League - Tani was able to get us tickets just before the game which started at 5pm!

Great seats and only 25 euros!

Good guys winning!

Good sportsmanship

Beauty of a 5pm hockey game, we were putting the motos away by 8pm then hitting the town!

The menu at a massage parlor.  

Yep they exist in Finland

Must be good... Club Kaiku

Finnish rappers

Finnish Rap!

Ride around Helsinki

Helsinki Waterfront

Lots of sail boats

Cobble riding

Look at this custom bike

View from the new waterfront sauna

Some sauna users going for a dip

Padel a tennis like game

Cobble and Tracks

Give this Italian thing a spin

Nepal food

Seafood pizza, yum!

One day at the classic sauna

A little home cooking

Finnish Jenga
A good afternoon at Sompa Sauna.  This is a free sauna on the waterfront cared for by the sauna goers themselves.  You build your own fire (unless the guys before you have left a fire behind) wait 30 minutes or so and enjoy the view.  Sadly this sauna will come to an end when urban development takes over this area.  Enjoy it while it lasts!

Sauna plan

Getter done

The Italian bikes hanging out
Dodgy steps for the dipping area
Luckily someone had just left

Hot stuff!

Cool off

Sompa Sauna

Another way to Cool off

After work people coming in droves

Sauna action

Check that out

Other Stuff

Sheet folder.  WTF?

5 minutes I would never do

clever, this is common in europe and makes sense to me

No one likes putting dishes away

the turbo button to unlock more
water power!

Weirdest bathroom doors I have ever seen
Check out the gun door handle