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2016 Hungary - Can't get enough Budapest

I originally wasn't even going to Budapest, and then I thought ok "2 days" which ended up being 4 days!  Really good food and good prices with a mixed bag of people.  As well I had a very comfortable and different apartment staying in a great part of "Pest" able to walk everywhere.  And don't forget those Ruin Bars and Hungarian Bath Houses!

Nice short sunny ride from Bratislava to Budapest (200km), C3R7T3V5.  Hungary likes road signs.

Have a smile and enjoy the ride

Sunny days

Oh man, looks official at this border
but it wasn't.

Bought a Vignette for 6 euros which no one ever checked

Wind energy

We're here.

On the Buda side

Heading to Pest

The Chain Bridge

My GPS can't account for this

Funky, would you guess the Airbnb owner is a Hip Hop,
R n B singer in Hungary???

Chill buddy

"Oh those lights, everything will be alright."  Cool mood lighting in Veronika's Airbnb place in Pest.  Check out the Hungarian singers Christina Aguilera cover "I will be"

And this video of her varying lights in the kitchen.

Well laid out and modified

Although feeling beat down from some cold days in Poland, Czech and Slovakia I still managed to get out and tour around.  How could I not, the apartment was in the thick of it all.

Moto parked in the street for 4 nights, not a problem
Lots of Cameras in Europe compared to Canada.
People feel well policed by this - check out the book "1984"

Oh so delicious "Seafood Tom Yom"

And Pad Thai, I was starving.

A passageway  to a bunch of bars and restaurants

Good Rock a Billy Band

If you're going to have fun you're going
 to need money!  Ah that's 34 euros

One of the Ruin Bars.  Basically somebody got the idea
to turn beat down "ruined" buildings in to bars.  I think they
did a little polishing work in the last few years.
Regardless very cool spots.  

Lots of old things throw in here

Interesting to see a music video being filmed in the street.  Check out the one dancer on the left who falls down and gets back up.  If that was a move, it needs work.

Does this mean Locals eat cheaper??

More touring around

Nice bike

"Ok, here's the plan, curved street = make a curved building

Another Ritz-Carlton

St. Stephen's in the distance

This dog was trying to see what was
in the fountain.  Cute and funny.

Lutheran Church

Saint Stephen's

I thought "weird to have all these
posters of two shirtless dudes?"
on the front of the Opera House.

Right, here's the front which
makes more sense

In front of St. Stephens
Best Thai Resto!
Parazs Thai Soup and Wok


Ah America...

Nice art

Another Ruin Bar

Segway the night away

Can't leave Budapest without going to a Bath House. 

Bath House Side Story (reference out of focus price list photo)  Through word of mouth I chose Rudas Bath House to visit which has a cool Roof Top View of the river and city.  

Oh Brad, Read the Sign!  I chose the Thermal experience (men only) without even thinking.  I went into the "must go in only with a frontal towel" section which has 5 baths ranging from temperatures 28C, 30C, 33C, 42C and the main, biggest bath, in the middle was 36C.  A nice authentic experience.

"So, how do I get to the roof top?...Oh this ticket is only for Naked Dudes in the basement.  Damn."  The good news which was pointed out by a Belgian guy beside me, "This part of the Bath House is original and actually built by the Turks during the Ottoman Empire."  Silver Lining for sure and it was a great time, plus they had 4 stages of Saunas as well.  

RECOMMENDATIONS: Rudas Bath House. Parazs Thai Soup and Wok and any Ruin Bar Pest.

To Rudas!

Crossing the Danube back in to Buda

My photo is as clear as my mind was...

FYI: There is no back side to this.

Cool little individually coded cabins

It's a nice City

Other Stuff
My favourite kind of bread
Olive loaf!

Mint tipped toothpicks

Her boyfriend is in front of her
and about 20 cm shorter.
Where's Waldo?