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2016 Czechia, Slovakia - Around Prague and Bratislava

Czech Republic (Czechia) and Slovakia, two countries that used to be united under the USSR are very similar and both worth visiting.  There you will find great food and beer, design and architecture and large city splitting rivers as well as some very beautiful people.  But remember according to the Czechs no one has cheaper prices on beer, not even Slovakia.

Cold Weather Challenge to Revnice.  Beginning in Pszczyna, Poland it wasn't pretty.  6 degrees C and rain.  Ah crap!  All motorway for 500 km stopping for gas (but not pay toilets!) and warmth at one McDonalds as I made my way to the southern suburb of Prague - Revnice.  C3R6/7T5/6V5.

What a breakfast!  And the only meal
I would have during the days ride.

All my clothes on for this cold day

Last night parking

hmmm.  This sucks.

Getting close to Brno

Maybe after the tunnel the rain
will be gone???

A whole new world

Easier Rider Europe

Incredible scenic road in to Revnice

Staying with my good friend Milan and his family in their little suburban spot.

Great Quote: "If your friend can't eat anything on the menu he should eat the rocks on the wall behind him"  surly waitress/bartender in Revnice (suburb of Prague)

Focus on Milan's hand as we cheers beers.

Late arrival.  Let's get a beer!

Tasty crepes by Milan's mom.

Hooligans making drawings :)

Trouble maker, haha

Nice park in the middle of Revnice

Very cool benches inspired by
tree falls?

Holy Moly, that metro is deep!

At Diego bar - Big mouth or good technique "Na Kapra (Carp Way)"?

Funny guy Milan or
"Chris Kattan"

It's been a slice Duda family, but I must head South and return to warmth with any luck.  I see sun in my future!  Revnice to Bratislava - 350km.  C3R7T6/7V5.  Half the trip the same as the way up between Prague and Brno except with more traffic and then it was mostly farmland and great sun breaking through the clouds as I crossed into Slovakia.

Anezka, Alenka and Daddy Milan


Quaint little towns/suburbs

Much better in the light

Close to Prague

Serious road making equipment

Common scene, on a road that is 130 km/hr these Semis
always pass going 90 km/hr.  Can you say traffic causing.

Some construction

Only one of many awesome Mullets in Czechia.

Oh shit, traffic.

Turned off and then saw the line start
to move so I turned back and went
up the exit the wrong way.


Sun breaking the clouds


Bratislava, Slovakia.  A capital I had been so close to in 2009, but didn't stop in to after getting nailed in Austria for a 50 euro ticket for not buying a vignette.  I wasn't in a good mood then, but on this day I was pretty pumped and it was Friday!  One thing I didn't expect was a valley type town after riding the prairies to get here.

My Hotel in Bratislava, Garni G Hotel

Garni Hotel

Airbnb Side Story - I had booked 3 nights in a place close to the centre and when I was late responding to a question (3 hours while I was out for dinner) the guy got cold feet and cancelled my reservation.  This was not his first cancellation btw.  The good news was Airbnb gave me a credit towards my next rental for the total amount, and refunded my reservation money in full too.  Not bad at all.  They are making tonnes of money these days and with customer service like that they will continue to.  I think they earn more than 15% on every rental, so if they are renting even $1 million per day that's $150,000 per day which is pretty solid.  On top of that the 3 Founders are worth $10 billion so we can say they are getting by.

Let's explore the night

The real budweiser


Apparently Czechia Jaromir Jagr is a big deal here too

Bad Boys, Bad Boys... whatcha...

Let's Segway the night away...

City Museum

Follow the laser

National Theatre

Ritz Carlton Bratislava

On the Danube

Looking at the Castle from under
the bridge at the UFO Tower

Boat resto

At Dunajsky
Minimalistic but tasty
Walking the River Front of Bratislava

After a good evening at Bar Rock it was back to touring the city in the morning with light this time and then later with more light as in "White Night" where lots of lights are ramped up on various structures and venues around town.  Finally finishing at Bar Rock again.  Where else would a guy go who loves Rock N Roll and Foosball!

Views from the Castle

UFO Bridge and Tower

Castle gates

Bratislava Castle


Whoa, crazy

A little Italian resto 2 blocks from the G Hotel

Stary Most bridge

UFO Tower lit up

UFO tower from Stary Bridge

Girls lit up

Bad Boys, Bad Boys.. oh it's just art.

Angel halo from UFO Tower light

Thanks for the Vodka Barbara
Other Stuff

McDonalds had a market on free
toilets and now... Yet another chance
for a big chain restaurant to take the
Fast Food Crown.

Buns or Croissants wrapped in cheese and bacon.  Whoa!

This advertising is just wrong!

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