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2016 - Slovenia, Italy - The End of the Journey

Last Days of an incredible journey.  A night in touristy Piran, Slovenia then tucking the Motorbike away in Padova and sleeping near the Venice Airport before flying extremely indirect to Calgary.  Absolutely spectacular photos from my return flight to Frankfurt, WOW!

Europe Moto Trip 2016 Side Story: To be honest this trip was more what I needed than I knew.  I was feeling a little stuck in a rut considering I hadn't taken a loosely planned solo motorbike adventure since my trip from Canada to Argentina.  And let me tell you this trip, the places and people were exactly what I needed and finished exactly how it should.  Heck everything does, doesn't it...Thank you.

Rainy start out of Rijeka on A8 to Rovinj (100km), a smaller touristy peninsula'd Old Town.  C3R7T3V6.  Due to the rain I passed by Pula, but stopped in Rovinj for a quick tour and bite to eat.


This is not the day I ordered!

Wet in the tunnels too.

I kinda freaked out feeling I was
suspended in the clouds.

Side road close to Rovinj.

Where have you been all my life?

A sign of expensive eats


On top of the peninsula 

Always an opportunity to charge people for the toilet

The tourist walk to the Church

Sweet parking

Fish that eat the dead skin from your

Back on the road not sure where I was going to stop.  I just couldn't leave the Adriatic Sea behind so I looked for a coastal town for one last night by the sea.  And it just so happened that Slovenia has a few coastal towns which meant I could stay in a different country before getting back to Italy.  Highway 75 in Croatia looked exciting on my GPS, but wasn't as it was full of tourist attractions and modernised towns/suburbs? C3R7T5V3. Lots of roundabouts too. Rovinj to Piran,Slovenia (100km).

Yikes.  Am I in Kansas Toto??  USA, USA, USA.

"Tourist Clinic" - good prices for sure
Yeah right

Too developed area for me


Once in Slovenia I took a quick tour of Koper the biggest coastal town, hit McDonald's for internet and found Piran a quiet tourist town to stay.  Unfortunately Slovenia tourism comes at a cost compared to Croatia, but hey people told me that was because Austria drives prices up there, plus it's on the Euro.

Is Slovenia more dangerous for Motorcycles than all
other countries in Europe??

And coppers. This is bad for motos!

Slovenian coast is


This is not looking good
Downhill big time.

This is about as far as cars without special permits can go.

Oh the Adriatic

We made it

Piran Square
Permit holders only...And motorbikes. wink, wink

Sweet parking for that guy
Early, early start skipping breakfast receiving a 5 euro discount on my stay for that.  Good thing I left when I did because it turned out to be a tough day in morning fog.  Part of the delay was the fact that I took the non-motorway route to Trieste, Italy avoiding paying the 10 euro vignette.for 20 km of Slovenian motorway.  Anyhow, I made it to Padova (250 km) in about 4.5 hours first stopping at my hotel (Colours) near the Venice Airport in Campalto.

First 40 km out of Trieste all in the fog. C4R8T3V5.  100+km to Campalto (near Venice) C1R8T4V4, Dead Straight!


Blast off!

Italy again!

Still on the secondary highways to Trieste

Not much room for a breakdown

So Foggy I think the cops actually told me to stop.
I didn't listen of course.


Oh man! What a last day!

Hey, here's a secret if you want to pay 20% more for gas
buy it on the Italian Motorway!

Rompe mi Culo!  150 km = 12 euros

Back in Padova, I made it!  What a trip.

Sad to say goodbye and even
sadder to leave the bike unwashed
and with only 4 litres of gas or so.

Back at my favourite Restaurant in Italy!

Dressed to ride, but now without
a motorbike.

Had pizza and delicious beer with my friend Carola in Padova then made my way back to Campalto via a Train to Venice then a Bus that dropped me 5 blocks from Colors Hotel for a half boot walk with all my gear and big backpack on.

Shitty Boot Side Story: My $300 Lowa boots that I bought in NYC now 5 years old started the trip seemingly ok, but after the Baltics they began to separate on two different levels.  My other pair of expense boots are 12 years old and still with me today at home.  So, it's fair to say after Lowa told me their boots have these problems (disclaimer on their US site "Boot Sole Separation (Hydrolysis)") and for $100 they would fix them I reply "get stuffed" and never heard from them again. I say Go Raichle or anybody else, but Lowa!

Not cool!  No way I can walk the 10 km from
Campalto to Venice Airport.

Train to Venice

4 hours sleep and ready to leave.

Incredible through the Alps


I couldn' even believe it

too good


Ready to just sleep I stayed at my Mom's crashing for hours and hours before I even announced my return to my Calgary World.

Still in travel mode even at my mom's house.

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