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November 2016 - Going South; Argentina, Uruguay

Had some fun for the first two weeks of November while still in Canada putting all my affairs in order.  Then boarded a very turbulent flight to Buenos Aires where I spent a few days at Hernan's near EZE Airport, had a few visits saying my goodbyes to friends then went to Uruguay to start my South American Summer. The small coastal town of Punta del Diablo to be more specific.

May be this is the year I sell the moto and cut my ties to the deep South of Latin America. A guy has to start thinking about the future...a Sailing future that is...

While in Calgary some nice warm November days enjoyed.

Enjoying the sky

Dwindling light in the Autumn days

Back to the days of Windows XP
Problems with mom's computer
meant I had to reinstall XP.
Unsuccessful now that it's no
longer supported. But it's the
"Easiest Windows yet!"

Now we are talking!!
Cousin Ron knocking a nest out.
Harmony amongst creatures?

Beginnings of my buddy Markus's Bugaboo Brewerks!

Finally bought a new moto rain jacket
after getting wet too much in Europe

Frilly Lilly breaks down
Bikini Waxes


Now that's a tasty salad!

Coffee holder on a motorbike.., I'm out of here!  And off I went to Buenos Aires to figure out a way to fit a coffee holder on Bumble Bee.  OH WAIT! I don't drink coffee.

On a positive note Calgary built a new International wing to the Airport so that's cool.  Unfortunately the designers missed chairs at the gates...

On another positive note my flights were on time to Houston and Buenos Aires and I discovered the very ass of the plane is actually good for access to bathrooms and the galley for food and drinks.

Unfortunately I slept about 1 hr of the 10 hours to BA due to more than 8 hours of turbulence.  It makes us stronger to experience the more difficult moments in life.  Next up, I learn to fly a plane!

Looks as overwhelming as sorting
my GI Joe collection, but fortunately
after 20+ times it all fits in place.

My booze filled chocolate gift for the Airline blew up.

Ready to Rock

Hey!  Burn some calories, get in shape then you can...

Eat at Munchies!
1000 calorie ice creams 

Calgary New International Terminal

Where are all the damn seats?

WTF!  Get your shit together Airlines! This isn't the
doctor's office. Who wants a second waiting room?

In route to Houston

Out of Houston

Yeah, almost Vegan. WTF?

Ezeiza Airport, Buenos Aires

Staying at Moto Buddy Hernan's place in the town next to Ezeiza Airport. I can't thank him enough for putting me up now that I don't have a home in Buenos Aires and for storing my bike the last years. Very cool!

Hernan's Motostop for wary Motoriders.

Always a little tricky to start
after 7 months.

Take a note, leather gloves in a bag,
that you think is air tight but
really isn't, is a bad idea. MOLD!

Picked up my guitar from Emi a buddy in BA. Thanks

Sweet parking and a good workspot?

This first snapped in Colombia and it's been welded twice

Fun, sort of

Just changing the plugs and air filter.
Looking at this now I forgot I didn't need to take all that off!

You should be able to see light through
the filter and there shouldn't be any
butterflies...when it's clean.

Nice repair without welding!

The boy s at Hernan's tried a Cheeseless Pizza with me.
And the same reaction as always, people like it!

Ready for the ride to Uruguay!

This year I decided to finally live by the beach which was what I always wanted to do.  With no attachments I was able to pull if off in the low season before Christmas time.  Much cheaper in low season at only $500/month.  Stay tuned for what happens in High Season...

Beautiful below deck

Damnit, I'm missing out on some sailing!

Buenos Aires Fishermen's Pier

500 km to Punta del Diablo

Whoa, take it easy!

Hey, at least it's flat

One of the hills of Uruguay

Still high gas prices $1.5/litre. but better.  Last year $2/litre

Ah cool vehicle, but may be wait
until I leave before you park here?

My one bedroom 2 level condo at Nao Tem Fim, Punta del Diablo.

Ah, the ocean at my finger tips

Rivero Beach in Punta del Diablo

This is nice

No pavement here

But still a car accident, wtf?

Nice Pizza!



Other Stuff

These girls showed interest in Bumble sitting on him,
taking photos, dancing around.  Caught them red handed!

How did they do it? Beet slices
bigger than the jar opening
like a bottled ship...

During rain the road fills with frogs
and after they are full of flat frogs

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