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October 2016 - Last Bits, But Very Important Ones

The last little bit of October after I returned from Europe.  In those 5 days I managed to throw a pretty good party for my Mom's big bday, cram my sailboat in to my portable garage and figure out a few costumes to fit in my Car2Go for Halloween.

While in Europe I managed to arrange my Mother's Big B-day through Facebook and Emails.  It all turned out quite well and of course she had a great time at Richmonds.  Happy Birthday Mom.

Happy Dayz

Good haul

That's it for the sailing season.  In Calgary even if we get nice days in November it doesn't matter at the Reservoir because boat parking is closed from November 1 to May 1. 

Not easy to back in

But the chicken is in the coupe.

Some Halloween 2016 photos.  I did manage to get out for one party night over the weekend which began at Peter's that combined a Halloween Party and a Birthday Party for Kam. After that we made our way to Kensington for Garth and Jenny's annual bash. 

Good decorations on my street

They must be competing with the other guy as they are
pretty much across from each other

Pete's party guests divided by the line

Later at Garth and Jenny's
Whoa nelly!

In the bathroom

Of course he didn't start
out in that position
Beer Cap Crusher Fail.

Yeah man!
Disco and More Cow Bell Dudes

Other Stuff

At the Ship and Anchor on Oct 31.  I should have taken
a video to show the working masks.

Great Health Care
only 58 minutes wait at
Emergency Care

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