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January 2017 - More Punta del Diablo, Noticing the little things

Tranquil month where I strapped myself into my chair and put my head down to write my script.  Of course there were some highlights as per the photos and videos to follow; Heavy Rain, Bad TV, Paddle Surfing and more.

"There is a lesson in absolutely everything"

Mosquitoes: Started to write a song in Spanish about how much I hate Mosquitoes and love Mojitos.  Nothing concrete yet. Why do these damn things exist? A test to our patience which I ran out of finally succumbing to the electronic mosquito repellant that can't be good for you.  I'm not even sure it works, all I know is I sleep like a log not waking for mosquito bites anymore.  That could be a sign of poisoning...?
12 mosquito repellant tabs good for
12 hours each one.
Beach and Town stuff

Not just coastal sand

Playa Rivero 

Drinking Hefeweisen from a can!

Paddle Surfing

The paddle is great for balance
I bet.

Damn! A tree on top of a Power Line

The Water Tower - a main landmark

Out front of Primata bar area
House stuff

Heavy Rains on the Coast!  Unbelievable. Worth a watch!

Looks like fog, but see the video! this game show on 11pm TV
The owners spin a wheel for a prize and choose how many
pins their dog will knock over. It's an Argentina show.
Sadly they run through so many dogs I stayed glued to the TV.

Cheering owners

The dog has to knock a certain
amount of pins over to win

The ants are the black dots to the top right looking for food
10 hours later the ants moved the entire pile.

Picky Ants don't have interest in Oats

Hey buddy

Come on man you're ridiculous!

Odd, one legged cricket unable to
make sound.
Food Stuff

Learned to make popcorn in a pot!

Way too many hours to rehydrate beans boiling them 4 hours
after soaking them a day.  Give me a can of beans!

He's talking to us!
Maybe swearing in
Bike stuff

Homemade bags and rack. Genuine leather.

Wow, you can't even tell it's a Harley

"To be happy is Free"

That's got to be heavy!

Other Stuff

Dental work in Castillo 40 km from Punta del Diablo.  One day I noticed a tooth was missing a piece so I got it fixed and cleaned them all for $90. Done deal.

Economised dental studio,
one customer at a time!
Dentista Emilio

More sunset...

Off to Chuy with Sandra

December 2016 - Beach Life in Punta del Diablo, Uruguay

A day at the beach every day of the month from 4pm to 6pm. Got to avoid those harmful UV's. What else in December; Birthday, DJ French Waves, Moving, Christmas, and NYE!  And bird catching and Puppies!    

REFLECTION: The last year was a roller coaster! Almost killed by fireworks, roller hockey in Palermo, used my Italian passport, went to Iguazu, Florianopolis, broke my heart and another's, helped my mom find happiness in the sea for the first time in her life, went fishing for the first time in 30 years in Canada, saw KISS in concert, bought a little sailing boat Siren 17, learnt to sail, shared my boat with friends, bought a BB I love, rode around Europe on Manuel's motorbike CBF600 (Blue Bandit) for 2 months, part took in Finnish saunas, participated in 2000 motorbike parade in Estonia, slept on a few boats, swam in the Adriatic Sea, saw my old friends and met lots of new ones in Europe, drank beers for the 6th time with Martin, celebrated my mom's big birthday, my grandma passed away, Trump became president, returned to Argentina, took a guitar on my moto, moved to Punta del Diablo Uruguay, solved my back problems, stayed away from winter, saw a lot of hero's die (Bowie, etc), learnt to cook vegan, started writing again, hugged lots of people.  It was a good year!    
Took a day off writing to enjoy my Birthday in my tranquil summer town. Sunrise, a little run, chill out on the beach, a nice breakfast, back to the beach for afternoon empanadas and beer and a big nap.

Fiapo chilling

There you go

This is going to shut the town, haha

Dec 9, Chilling on Rivero Beach in the morning

What a morning

Turkish Brunch

A litre of tasty Patricia and Fish Empanadas with hot sauce
in front of Fisherman's Beach  (Playa de Los Pescadores)

Rock point between Viuda Beach
and Pecadores Beach.

Early in the month a surprise to hear a known French DJ named French Waves was in our little town and would play at Pueblo Arriba as well a follow up gig on the beach for a Sunday Session.

Pueblo Arriba

Good crowd

Shaved head in the form of  Star
Trek's Patrick Stewart

French Wave a very good DJ from France that stopped by Diablo. He even loops some live guitar!

Using all types of instruments
and house hold items to loop
sounds.  Very Cool.

Surprise Sunday Session

Moving day all the way across the street to "La Basilica".  Great spot with an amazing balcony, nice ocean view and covered moto parking.

Moving across the street

My new kitchen / writing studio

Bedroom with loft bed for sleep overs or storage

Covered parking!

That's the ocean over there

Every night like this, great!
There's a bird in my house, wtf!

My homemade bird trap.  Just need
to slip a magazine or something flat
 on the window, then shift him over it. 
Done Deal.

Life in the Diablo...


I can see you!

Empanadas a la Costa

Just a little Scorpion. "Aren't the little ones more dangerous?"

Lots of For Sale signs

#1 place to store propane tanks
Out in the HOT SUN!

How you patch a roof Diablo style!

2 x Bottles of 1 litre Vodka $20!

No my hands aren't Drumpf size, it's 3 litres of Crown!

Live by the Sea
Buy Chinese Seafood
Makes sense right?

Oatmeal, banana, raisin...home made...mira vos

Blogging on the Balcony

Good idea, Mosquito net

I want one!

Some nice places

Around the Diablo...

Playa Grande is awesome.  4 km of beach.

Puppies! Found these little guys out front of a friend's place in Aguas Dulces a near by town.

Beach Town Local Home, kinda like camping...

Very Rustic

The old hook locking system

Christmas in Diablo. Like my days in New Zealand and Australia I still struggle to see North Pole and Santa Claus in the Southern Hemisphere.

Happy Festavus

Hey, it's for the kids...

Just like Christmas in

Christmas BBQ at Nao Tem Fim apartments

No Turkey here

New Year's Eve Diablo Style near the Beach.  Quite a foggy night and the weather was too.

Alright, alright...


Not smoke, but fog

Some fireworks of NYE.

Other Stuff

Found these crocs in the bush like a crime scene, wtf?

Traue on the TV in Spanish
Well, Subtitled.

The dream begins...
Watch the F! out for rubber seals in your snacks!

My Favourite Brasil Treat