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May 2017 - The End of 5 Years in Argentina

May would be the last time I expect to be in Argentina and I was ok with that.  Had a final tour of the Micro Centre, saw some good friends I had made and cooked as little as possible in my final week.  Once back in Canada it was prepping for summer and My First Ever Open Mic Guitar and Singing Performance.

"I'm on the edge of greatness and destruction, happiness and misery, discovery and loss, energy and laziness ...we all are" Costa

Back in BA for one last week to get my affairs in order.  Stayed in Villa Crespo which is pretty underrated, full of restaurants, shops and all a guy needs including the subway only 5 blocks away.  And I managed a pretty good deal too.  So let's have a look...

BA AIRBNB apartment view in Villa Crespo.

This will do nicely

Let's go for some nice healthy walks.  First day 9 km total Villa Crespo to Parque Palermo and back.  Then the next day a good 6 km to the dentist.  Unfortunately the next day was quite far so I had to subway in to the Micro Centre giving my feet a needed rest.  Great sights throughout the city.

Welcome back Brad, have some shit.
Didn't see this in Uruguay towns

I think with all the price hikes BA is becoming too much

Check out the dog on the kid's lap

Can't say we don't have these guys
in Calgary cause we do.

Got all I needed for the big walk.

Stopped in here on the way back.
One of the few places that didn't
impose a 15% price increase due to
the national holiday, whatever it was.

And people normally throw these chairs away once broken

Check out the amazing huge merial

Daughters bdays are huge in Latin America. 

Shrivelled but in tact beauty

Without doubt you could find some
old electronics gems here.

Typical of repair shops in BA, completely back logged

Cops took down some punk I think
for stealing a bike.

A nice break in a park while I wait for my dentist.  6 km walk

Unable to pack everything with me,
I left my guitar hopefully to join later

And here's why I walk

Seems no matter what hour the subway is packed

The Pink House is too far to walk.  Subway map.

25 de Mayo Plaza

At the Pink House

Broken side walks the norm in the
micro centre.

Busy tiny streets

Basilica San Francisco


Not bad

La Dignidad, nice and cheap

Classic soda dispenser

Super cool garbage made of beer cans!

One more major line up at the airport
and done!

Back in North America

5 years a slave to Argentina
Learned limited spanish, stored my moto at Julian's and Nati's parents and Hernan's, 2 years a pescatarian, wrote 5 drafts of Bandido, learned to cook with wood (as it should be), became a River Plate fan after seeing them win one of the South America Championships, played Roller Hockey in Palermo Park, Two girlfriends, vacationed in Uruguay: Punta del Diablo, Aguas Dulces, Punta del Este, Paysandu, Salto, Montevideo, San Gregorio, Brasil: Porto Allegre, Cassino, Torres, Florian√≥polis and made some great friends! Worth all the time spent and everything experienced.

Back in the Great White North - Calgary, Alberta for mid May.  Dry and High altitude and already the cold heavy snow falled winter was nowhere to be seen.  The coldest day no less than 9/10 deg C and highs of 27/28 deg C.

Nose bleeds due to the dry air

Cheap meat cuts hidden in the back and free fat!

New toilet only $90.

Leaking from the bottom so why not change the old boy out
Took 5 minutes to refill and leaked so chau!

Next time put the wax on the toilet

Let's get a garden going!

Turbo!  Looking good.

Oh shit.  Washed my soon to expire

Went to a local play at Pumphouse Theatre.  Good stuff.

New invention - sphere ice balls

Even better with a Rusty Nail

Found this Polish restaurant with tasty natural farmed food

My first podcast on Shawn T's
"That'll learn ya"

Back to sailing, but first we had to polish the boat.  Our little Siren probably hasn't seen a buffer in who knows how many years.

Dale's skill was just a bit better

Beers well earned

whoa!  shiney  

Back at the boat stalls

Looking good


What's happening here

Nothing like putting your boat in the water in front of
as big of a crowd as possible.  Nerves.

Skipping rocks while we waited

FLIPPED BOAT. The reason for the delay and crowds.

Pete and the Dudes Aaron/Jacob

Spending time in the backyard building a garden, reusing things people were done with, hanging the hammock and cooking on a bbq I found beside a garbage that we cleaned up.  REUSE PEOPLE!!!
Reusing - Free table that I changed out the top and
painted. Free broken umbrella that I repaired, and found BBQ
Beer can chicken


Free rail ties, gas pipes to hold them in place.
$50 in Nutrilom soil
Looking good.

And yes my mom helped me


Laura Hickli at Koi Cafe, great developing artist.  Have a good listen.

Home schooled produces a
special type of person

Free Fallin written by Tom Petty.  After messing about with guitars and singing for 20 years in my room (more or less) I finally took the stage on a quiet night at Mugs Pub.  I played 4 other songs including an original. "Wheat Kings" written by The Tragically Hip, "Hasn't Hit Me Yet" written by Blue Rodeo, "Chuck and Marianne" written by Costa and "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" written by Death Cab for Cutie.

Costa on stage for the first time

Rolly playing a Chapman Stick

Wild instrument

Other Stuff

Ferry Baggage Claim needs some lube!

10 Litres! and not that heavy, weird

The Banks trying to hit every target.
Buddies or more?
Woke up thinking I had the best idea only to find out
everyone already thought of it.  Dream Analysis Apps
The people before us all leaving
1/4 glasses at these prices, geez

Wow, the size of these 70's cars.  Oh USA, you silly guys

Back to Calgary food, wings and
meatballs.  The only deep fry I eat.

Check out the ingredients in Salt, WTF SUGAR!!!

Yeah, it's done.  For all other countries
this is a sleeping guard which you
will be getting if you keep following
USA diets and culture,
oh and allergies too!

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