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June 2017 - Bicycle Pub Crawl, Becoming a Gardener

June is usually a rainy month, but not this year.  I think we had rain only one time and that was when I went on a Bike Pub Crawl (Bub Crawl from now on) which will definitely toughen you up.  As well in the month I got to know my backyard a little better caring for my garden, refurbishing items and befriending the squirrels.  Of course some sailing too - Dry and windy remember.

Get ready for a COOL SUMMER!!!  Oh Hugo.
Let's start with a funny sign...

Ladies, the writing is on the glass!

The whole picture hides the truth?

Tommy dropped off this bench and said "Yours if you want it."  So I cleaned it up and sold it for $120.
Needs some BLC
sanded down


Took a walk to a diagnostics clinic for a few x-rays.  Lots of interesting things on the way that day. 

Memories!  My first CAR!
Well the same model, but not mine.

Not just about caring for health, there's money to be made
in all the extras...

20 years ago, "We need a fence"
"Ah, this is hard work, that's
enough fence"
Check out this Hoarder filling their vehicles because the house is probably packed to the rafters!

Multiple vehicles packed

Couple quick sailing shots...

Race night, lots of San Juan 21's

btw, we were not racing (yet)

Beautiful spinnaker colours

Gardening, yard work and restoration work around the house.  Ah and why not a Garage Sale too. 

Striving to live healthier than I ever had I stopped eating sugar, bread and sold my microwave.  And I even buy organic products now, which taste better.  And what better way to eat organic than growing your own garden.

Dirty Dozen (Super high in chemicals Food) - Apples, peaches, spinach, kale, green beans, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, grapes, strawberries, blueberries, nectarines, peppers.

Clean Fifteen (No need to buy organic Food) - Yams, onions, avocado, pineapple, mango, sweet corn, sweet peas, egg plant, cauliflower, asparagus, kiwi, cabbage, watermelons, grapefruits, honeydew

Backyard squirrel eating the heck out of a pine cone!
Like bugs bunny eating corn

Hide in the hammock.  It's safe

Tough to sell the bike at a Garage
Sale for thousands of dollars

This had over grown since I bought the house 15 years ago

Best way to recycle dead wood
A nice cosy fire

First sprouting in my homemade garden.  Exciting!

First signs of life - Beets

This is looking promising

Snap peas, beets, carrots, kale and spinach

Tomato plants coming in
Squirrel Race around a tree, Hilarious!

Bub Crawl (the first of many!).  Having ridden a bike 4 times in the last twenty years it seemed only perfect to ride 30 km in the pouring cold rain while drinking tonnes of beer at 6 different local breweries.  Toolshed, Common Crown, High Line Brewing, Cold Garden (best of the batch!), Millstreet, Trolley 5.  Missed Village (next time!).

All and all a fantastic experience and for sure not the last one!!! 

Donation Bike makes a new bad ass Bike!

Thanks Brendan

Bub Crawl, Beginning...queue rain.

Ready, with basket and all

Here we go!

Yikes, first bar 10 km away!

Construction everywhere

Canadian Geese!

Downtown core behind Pete

Still going well sans beer

The team

Toolshed shop

Toolshed Brewery

Common Crown

Going well at Common Crown

A quick dry stop to gather everyone

Bridge in to Inglewood

Fing wet!

HLB - Warming up, dying to eat.  Nothing but Peanuts!

More Inglewood

Cold Garden, big party here!

All going well with beer smiles on

Awesome foosball repair

"Alright you drunkards, let's go"

Heading to 17th ave

A few non riders joined for a couple beers at Millstreet

Last stop Trolley 5!

No photos at Trolley 5, oh well.

Victory!!! 30 km done!

Bub Crawl, End...and the rain stopped.

Next morning Pete showing off
his swing bike.

Jimmy rocks his first Open Mic!! (not part of the Bub Crawl)

No Jim is not a giant. It was the only
right handed guitar the host's had

Other Stuff

Brendan's homemade staircase that will eventually be winch operated. Check it out.

Not bad for homemade

What a cool pattern

Grade 10

All you can eat must stop!

Anthony has all the toys

My James Bond safe deposit box

Donor bike

Cops taking me down for no registration forgotten by
the owner of the truck.  $310!

Big cookie!

All toilets need this poem!