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July 2017 - Cowboy Bub Crawl, BMX Back, Hot and Smoky

July 2017 was jam packed with a 4 day BC loop including a Zipline adventure, Stampede, bringing my 30 year old BMX back to life and smoke covering the city due to the BC fires.  Also the usual sailing and gardening stuff.

Hot and Smoky is right! on Highway 1

Made my way West at the beginning of the month in to British Columbia for a quick 4 day tour.  The trip was expected to come later in the summer, but conditions were good (pre fires) and people to visit were in place so I went for it.  Beside it was Canada's 150th and I had no BBQ plans.

Get going!

Drive safe everybody

Just like that I'm in BC

Serious Patriot 


Are there bears here, shit!

Love these nature paths so animals can cross safely

Tight squeeze

First stop was in Windermere to stay at an old High School friend's recently purchased cabin.  I don't think I had seen Josie or Kim for at least 5 to 6 years so the invite was a surprise, but a welcomed spark.  An amazing ride out on Highway 1 to Highway 93/95 which was in total under 300km and leisurely done over 4/5 hours.  Thanks Josie for the invite.

Recommendations: Lake Windermere is actually very warm and underrated in my opinion.  I had been there a few times in the past, but that was the first time I went in for a swim and a few beers after.  Even the quick rain storm couldn't stop the lovely time.

Chilling in swing chair with a Local Beer!  I realised when I arrived that there was only American beer and I brought Irish Whisky.  For the love of god, one day of the year where we should all drink local so I raced over to Arrowhead Brewery.  Phew!

Kim, Issa, Me, Carter, Josie

Take a closer look at the Termite work

This is what you should be doing on Canada Day!

A quick rain storm

Found a nice spot

Lake Windamere

Day 2/3 I headed South to Castlegar where I got to spend a few quality days with my old buddy Luke and his wife Jess and huge family (Gaby and 3 Z's!). And a duck???

Windermere to Castlegar via Highway 95 turning East on Highway 3 (the old Highway 1) totaling 400km or so.  C4R7/8T3V7/8.  Hot as hell on Day 2, 32 deg C for most of the ride.

Lots of river and lakes along Hwy 95

I'm faster than this bullet

Mountain goats

Hot, hungry and thirsty when I arrived at Jess's Mom's house. And then a damn duck!  Good news is I only had to deal with "howard the duck" for a few hours and then on to Luke's lovely home.  Best Balcony ever!!!


Zaxton, one of the funniest kids I've met.

What a breaky Lukey

After a few nice days in Castlegar it was time to go back to Calgary to attend yet another sports specialist knee doctor appointment due to the fact that the surgeon had me on a wait list for 2 years, so I had to restart (Xrays again and sports specialist again).  Screw Doctor Ryan Martin's office!!!

Anyhow, back to the trip.  I had originally planned to leave around 9am and may be camp somewhere along the way splitting up the 700km back to Calgary.  BUT due to a Luke surprise to take us all Ziplining (especially his older kids Gaby and Zeden and Jess, me, Leanna and Jacob) I didn't leave the Kootneys until 1pm.  Who am I to pass up a gift like that, Damn you Luke you know I'm scared of heights right??!!!
The team - Zeden, Jess, (Hiding Al) Me, Jacob,
Little Z, Gaby, Leanna, Zaxton

Old buddies

Not thrilled, but I'm in now...

Everybody ready?

Looks easy.

Easy Peasy - First Zipline

Ok, I'm done...what there's 5 more!

Although I did the highest one (number 3 of 6 ziplines) I didn't really take the scenery in frozen with fear.
A little tough to walk after #3
as my legs were jello.

The fastest line (number 4).  No chance to hear the audio over the wind.

The fastest zip.

At no time were we not attached
to a safety (except the mid hike)

Some great views

Number 6, a shorter one, yeah right!

Thanks gents.
Zaxton and Papa
Left Kokanee Mountain Zipline just North of Nelson at 1pm unsure of where I was going to stop. It was such a beautiful day I decided to take my time and enjoy it.  I headed up to Kaslo and instead of going left to Nakusp which is the usual for moto riders, I went the Highway 31 way.  Google seemed to think it was a principal route or may be that was my GPS.  Whoever lead me astray, I ended up on 75 km of gravel forestry logging roads. I wouldn't want to do it every time, but on this day it was just great, especially not knowing how long the road would stay gravel was fun.

That sign tells me it's a good time

Kaslo is pretty sweet

Start of Highway 31

In Flood season this must not be good

Ah shit, no more pavement.

Backwoods for sure

Thank god somebody cut it

Although a beautiful spot I kept thinking a bear was
going to pop out of the bushes. 

This is nice

This could be a while of gravel

Imagine taking a RV on this road heading at a logging truck

"Narrow Winding Highway next 27 km" which I saw
after the fact. May have prevented me from the experience?

Made it to the ferry, but late.
45 min wait as it comes every 1 hr.

Ferry is coming!

Coming in to Shelter Bay

After Revelstoke nothing but traffic on Hwy 1.

Accident Scene

I'll say that's an accident scene.

Long weekend

Still going

Check out that moon

A little chilly, 10pm close to Canmore
I never did figure out where to stop going all the way to Calgary landing in my bed at 2am, which was actually great.  I even stopped in Canmore to meet with a potential director for Bandido at 11pm for some beer and food.  A good break, but made for an even chillier last 100km.

If you don't know by now July is Stampede and usually fills my post with fun and games.  This year is no different.  Even better was unlike last year of rain and cold it was crazy nice and sunny.  Let's look at a few highlights.

First Friday over for her at 3pm!

The herd of Cowboy's Girls checking in for the night

Oh Canada
First Friday I crashed the Grounds, Chuckwagons and Grandstand Show thanks to Pete S! 

Go Cody!  I think they are all named Cody.

Front row for the races

That's a big tractor!

Yep Stampede has started

On the way home I went to buy a ticket for the train and the machine was not working so I figured if anyone asked me for a ticket I would show them the video.  

Seriously dude, can't you feel the
tongue in your shoe.  omg!

Wednesday Stampede Shaker.  In all my adult years I never once went out with my good buddy Brendan, but this year was the changing of the tidies.  Thanks to Andrea for hooking me up with a ticket to Fort Calgary.
All Canadian Band line up; Stephen Paige from Barenaked Ladies, Trooper, Sloan and Tom Cochrane (who used to be great).
Trooper (best of the night and playing 2nd of 4 bands, a shame) "We're here for a good time"


Sloan "Money City Maniacs"


Nice cowboy hat, I'll work on that
for yeah next year.

Tom Cochrane's possible last Stampede

Thursday Rodeo with Mr. Bowhay.

Nuff said

There's a good field vehicle

Good group of guys this year.

Lamb schank, yum

Vegans at the Stampede can't be happy with this

Oh why not throw $120 on Red
We f"ing won?!

Second Friday and First Annual Steel Horse Cowboy BUB Crawl.  I had so much fun on a bike pub crawl in the pouring rain in June that I just had to do it again for Stampede.  Although this was a good start, next year will be much bigger and better.

Thought about using my 30 year
old BMX, but it wasn't ready yet.

The general route.  Although Cold Garden was removed
due to a late start.
Bookers, Bottle Screw Bill's, OJ's, The National on 17th
Rose and Crown, Knoxville's, Wildhorse

Check out Carter's killer ride
Steel Horse Bub Crawl (first annual).  What more do you want?  Cowboys, Beers, Cowgirls and Steel Horses.

All the bars were very welcoming

Are we having fun or what?!

Good times

This thing is hard

Other Stuff

Kevin's 50th

Always nice at the Res

Reindeer Fly?

Up for sale for 15 mins at my Garage Sale.  SOLD!

That's a serious hole

Big plug

Nice work Vlado for a 6 pack of Corona

Finished by Kaz who I owe!

New to me used tires and a clean up

Looks great after 30 years sitting

Oops.  The wind had moved the
block and when I went up the
boat tipped back.  whoa.

Forest Fire smoke filling the sky

The Sun fighting through the clouds

My garden coming up well

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