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August 2017 - New Truck, Retro Toys, Solar Eclipse, Mayweather - McGregor

August was a good one.  Lots of one offs like a Solar eclipse, playing with Retro Toys, buying a new Truck and the Fight of the Century (not really).  And to start it off, the Long Weekend at Brendan and Andrea's Cabin.

The Annual Red Deer Lake Cabin Long Weekend (needs a better name!).  Great fun and almost good enough weather for the Slip and Slide, almost.  Good group of people and a nice sing song by the camp fire on the Big Night.  I discovered I need to learn some rap on guitar!

Indoors due to a chilly wet night

Hugo and Xavi enjoying the
blow up waterslide

Less fun moment, we have to go
under the cabin to run cable

Soccer in the yard

The Big Night!
Side Story - On the drive home to Calgary I thought I would pass a town I lived in for one summer during an Engineering Internship at Courtney Berg Industries. In Linden, AB which at the time was a dry town, meaning no alcohol (or at least no places to buy it).  

Priceless signs at the Linden Alliance Church!!!

CourtneyBerg builds Boxes / Decks for commercial trucks

"Son Screen prevents Sin Burn"

"You have 1 friend request from Jesus"
"Confirm or Ignore"
New Truck for a New Job. Due to an opportunity (and the only one this summer) to do some Field Inspection I needed buy a truck to go to site.  Somehow I managed to get back in a Honda as I always want to!  Ridgeline 08.  See September for a video of all the cool features.

More room than you think

Trying a little 4 x 4 at a construction site.

A new parking spot

Training courses for the job H2S, First Aid, Etc...

Flame Resistant gear for the field work

Playing with Old Toys -Mario World, Lego and GI Joe

It took us 5 years playing once, may be twice per year for a few hours, but Chris and I finally finished Mario World. High Five!

Luigi finished it, I sacrificed for it

Some lego from the 80's.
Loved that castle.

Organising 5 years or more of 80's GI Joe collection

Oh Scarlet...Like the few girls in
Engineering at U of C

The Solar Eclipse --- Don't look!

Solar Eclipse

Other great sun worshiping photos

Hazey Fiery Sun

Mayweather McGregor Fight at Bottle Screw Bills one of the few places not charging cover.

Well it was a boxing match
at least. Boring though.

Other Stuff

Became the older generation when I saw this

Hungover ride to get the truck.
Super fun actually!

More than 25 pages of medical
paper work just to see a surgeon?

Spilly Brad.  Booberries!

Not on the same day, but you got
to wonder how that happened.