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November 2017 - Back to the Bush and in to Heavy Snow

In November I was able to enjoy a few moments in Calgary before travelling up north again for my next job as an HDD Inspector.  Short and sweet.

Matt A's first bday.  I agree the chocolate cake was deli!
In early November I had a chance to catch a nostalgic dinner with my mom like we used to with the family back in the day, finally got to play all you can pinball for the whole night on $10 at my local watering hole and went to my first 1 year old birthday party which was much more adult than you would think.

Not just a shot of beautiful prime rib, but a representation
of a nice dinner between my mom and I at "The Keg"

Pinball night at The Trap

Adam's Family, my favourite!
(well... and Twilight Zone)

I'm going to crush that cake momma.
Hint hint for my bday coming up!

Organic Coconut Oil, I hope the fad is still good!

Look! Brazil Peanut butter snack

Love em!

Back to North East BC (Chetwynd area).  About 1000 km from Calgary and I really couldn't pick a worse day to set out.  White out conditions for the first 1hr and then just cold and snow.  A much less remote location this time which was nice, but we had residential neighbours so had to keep it quiet...

Side Story: Prior to leaving Calgary I had contacted and purchased a bunch of things on Kijiji (Canadian Ebay) along the route to Chetwynd. I had what I thought was more than enough cash in my money clip and hit the road.  First buying a FR (Fire Resistant) jacket which was $50, but quite stained so I got it for $45 (important $5 savings if you keep reading) and then a couple knives for $65 both purchases in Calgary.  Once in Lacombe (just North of Red Deer) I arrived at the next stop to realise I only had $85 cash left and needed $100 for some safety gear. So, I rummaged through my truck and remembered my secret parking meter stash in my work bag (from 2001) that got me to $100 with twoonies and loonies. Yes! Back on the road and I realised I needed $5 for a hard hat near Edmonton, shit!  Gave the guy 3 loonies and 7 quarters, 2 dimes and 1 nickle.  Phew!  The packrat with an acreage full of miscellaneous items didn't care "money is money". Made it, or did I?  I arrived at Superstore needing a $1 for a shopping cart rental (handleful of dimes photo). Took my dimes inside exchanging them for a loonie...which turns out a I didn't need in the end as there was only one cart left which doesn't need any coins, hahahaha and urgh all at once.  Finally when I emptied my pockets before bed I found a dime in my pocket realising I jipped the hard hat guy a $0.10 so probably look like a complete ass.  Darn...and hilarious at the same time.

Crash driving just North of Calgary

Not much visibility, but I know it
like the back of my hand...maybe...

$100 to Matt for his old Safety gear

Beautiful snow covered trees

All the cash I had left when I arrived in Grande Prairie

Nice clean road, so that's good

So...this is Chetwynd.

A blurry night shot of Chetwynd,
much brighter than I expected.
Must be all the Industrial plants?

Deja vu...Like I was in this site trailer before only a little more narrow.

Better than my basement

What a lovely area

On the Pine River

That's the cloud covered sun

30 cm on snow in 24 hrs.

cold too!

Sandy clay balls


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