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April 2018 - Tulum - Full Moon Party, Bikes and More Seaweed

A great month of biking to the beach, swimming in between the seaweed and living the good vibes. Full Moon partied, upgraded to a bigger apartment and enjoyed multiple restaurants, plus welcomed a surprise visit from Sole and Maxi friends from Buenos Aires.

Enjoying a Full Moon Party experience at The Papaya Playa Project Hotel.  $32 USD just to get in and then only $4.50 beers which is high for Mexico, but very cheap for the Beach Zone of Tulum.

Papaya Playa dark bar tour.

Come on people, get off
your phones

A taste of the full moon to music at Papaya Playa

Uncovered Moon

 My last days at Centauro Apartment with Canadian neighbours Dan and Maggie...

Enjoying the pool

Pork Grinds anyone

Here's a little story about Dan and Maggie

And I'm out of there!

and in to my new apartment at Diamante Suites which was and is Pretty Sweet.

Oh my, from a single to a

Bike shopping

Not a bad two seater

Boom! My new bike. $80 USD
Black Panther Beach Cruiser

Bike and Beach!

I tried to shop at the small shops only to find
out they were gouging the tourist in town
So Chedraui it was

And they have booze there too. $1.5 for 1L.

Chedraui half price of the local shops

Sole and Maxi enjoying the Sunset with me

There it is.

Finished by a pricey pasta at Vucciria

Thursday night local arena Futbol game.  Fun, but I couldn't imagine playing in that heat.

A good local night out

Some good moments around Tulum.

Award for worst lock placement

Amazing hummus plate at Cocoamor

Jonsing for guitar for months, I'll try anything

Good spot to park, right on the bike patth

Brasilian dancers at Batey

I've seen a few that should go to AA at 4 am

Bruxo and Oranges is the recipe for fun.

Next door, $1350 USD/month in Mex?!
NHL playoffs, Nash / Bos final right...?

Pork grinds come with hot sauce

Tiny shopping cart

Dried shrimp shells for $10, weird

Delicious chicken parts, $1.50. Yeah!

Roasted pig tacos from Honorio Tacos

Chayote vegetable, crisp, juicy

chayote with re-fried beans, tasty

Beautiful fish tacos at Chamicos

Family outing enjoying their phones
at El Captain.
My friend Sonia's nice restaurant "La Fonda"

My Dentist

Ridiculously expensive lamb sandwich
at Pasha

Lots of "Jobs for safety inspectors"...OMG

Burrito Amor, $8 Fish Burrito, tasty

"Safety inspector, long hours ahead"

Chicken Tamales in front of Muelle 59.

Spicy tomato sauce

Lots of beach time riding my bike 10 km round trip passing the Tulum Ruins and getting in a swim everyday I could get through the seaweed.

Hot riding

Beach gate to Tulum Ruins

Santa Fe Beach close to the Ruins

No need for flip flops on the beach, so
lock em up.

Sante Fe beach

Tulum Ruins in the distance

If only we could eat this stuff??

The liviler stuff full of afide type bugs

Well ain't that a lot of seaweed.

Somebody taking it away.

Other Stuff

Tips for the maid spelled out literially

How can you live with out a "Sat-Dish"

Pook Chuuk burgers, not bad

That's how I saw the NHL playoffs going

Diamante gifts for me!

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