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May 2018 - Tulum Ruins and the Houtie Toutie, Second Script Done!

More fun in Tulum going down in order to upgrade apartments, lots of cenote action, beautiful jungle sunsets, time in the houtie toutie hotel beach zone, tour of the ruins and I finished draft 1 of "Love of a Portenya"

Why did I forget my flashlight at every
Cenote I went to! Local Chemuyil
Upon completion of a Script I always
drink a bottle of Red. This wine was not
good...but I'm sure that means nothing
about the script!

Moved to Dept 1 on the ground floor which is cheaper than the first floor and considered less desirable, but to me it was a win win with a garden and hammock (don't lock yourself out though).

Exact set up as Dept 3

New kitchen tools to produce a Nicoise

The rental group bought the apartment a
hammock.  Thanks Gaby!

I stocked it up with Mezcal and Tequila

And beer!

My neighbour hanging in my garden!

Lock out re-enactment.

Option 2 if I decide to park

Cenotes (fresh water lagoon type things)
Not being a fan of the super commercial cenotes I was in search of more local and less known spots.  Isla Almos definitely wasn't know by anyone I talked to in Tulum so that was a good sign.  Due to construction we were given a pass/tour to the other two in this owner's control, Chan-ha and Mariposa.  

Thank god Mila had a car as originally
I was going to bike here!

Isla Almos

Incredible, that's 2 m deep.  so Clear!

Tour of Isla Almos unfortunately under construction at the moment.

See how the roots have
climbed down to the
bottom level. Amazing.

Photos from Chan-ha (dark cave so no photos inside) and Mariposa.

Don't want to miss the signs

Marching to Chan-ha.  Holy Mosquitoes!

No photos with out a flashlight.

Cenote Mariposa

So clear!

So Clear!


Part 2 of Cenotes.  Near the little village of Chemuyil (developed to house workers to the nearby super resorts) where you can find a very local FREE Cenote and Xunaan-Ha Cenote $5.  Thanks for the tour Lupee!

Tour of the Xunaan-Ha Cenote as a European girl takes the plunge.

Entering Xunaan-Ha


Beautiful, but mosquito riddled

Zipline bomb in to the Cenote as the Mayan spirits intended...may be they did...?

The FREE Local
Cenote. Nice and Private!

A few trips to the posh part of Tulum, the Beach Hotel Zone...Houtie Toutie.  Great sunsets at Mateo's, getting caught in the rain and enjoying beach club Aura.

Bit of a rough road

And tight too

But hey...Following the Dream

A good day

You lik'a Massage

Look at the cloud split this sky as the
sun set.

Mateo's for Sunset over the Jungle.  Spectacular!


One day that didn't turn out due to rain.  Found shelter at Safe House Hotel for a few hours. 

Marta and I navigating
the poorly draining path

And an incredible day at Aura beach club which is owned by the same group that owns the apartment I was staying in.  Meaning free passes for the club and food discounts.  Nice.

Sand crab about the size of my hand

Chilling at Aura beach club

Kite surfing and People
 taking photos with
the lone tree

If an artist wanted their stuff famous
put it on the beach!

Fetch with the dogs

Of course you won, your half his age!


At Nomade Hotel, wow the place was nice.

More sunset from Mateo's

?How are there Sun Rays on the Moon?

Mind blowing cloud shapes

The Tulum Ruins, a big reason Tulum became so popular elevated by sitting on the edge of a cliff to the ocean and even a beach area you can swim from when the seaweed isn't out of control.

The touristy pre-entrance to the Ruins.
More signs of tourism
The same creatures at
Iguazu Falls Argentina!

Tulum layout

Drone free area, can't wait till the US
comes up with drone defense missiles.

The God of Wind Temple

Seaweed filled beach

El Castillo

Dying of the heat at 28 C at 8:30 am.

Beach with Wind Temple

Looking South to Fisherman's Beach

See the iguana in the window!

What a tree

I imagine the Mayans were not giants

Dude, where's Ricky? Hey where's my
TAIL!  Damn Ricky!
Ricky fell over the edge of the cliff???

after 9am crowds building

Other Stuff

Look at that fire branding on her back!

Quite a display, but not for sampling!!!

After only 1 week just 8 people
in the mattinee in Playa del Carmen

New life-like pee targets

Cheap and Cheerful at this home restaurant
1 USD = 18 pesos

Pollo Bronco pumping out the smoke to
roast them chickens.

Interesting flag mix, Go Oil!

I think this is a portable bank???

Look at them sauces at El cantaston

$4 cut and you get what you pay for


Do not trespass unless your shack was there
before the construction fence went up.

Loudest creatures in the

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