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July 2018 - Never Too Old to Stampede, Can beer, and get married again...

July, as you must know by now, is full of Stampede action from the first Friday to the second Sunday.  Later in the month I attended a wedding in beautiful Waterton Lakes.  Don't forget the Other Stuff section at the bottom of the post!

We need us a cowboy to fill these boots!

Warming up my drinking arm for Stampede by applying the Six Pack ring, or otherwise known as the Duck Strangler at Trolley 5.

Press that six pack
Position 3

Station 1 the toughest of them all as you
have to feed 3 cans every 12 seconds.
Station 2 the easiest of them all.  Weigh the
cans to make sure you are with in the range.

Brewer Erick in the rubber boots

Half of our 2400 beers canned!
This Stampede was one of the best as you could really feel people were getting back on their feet after a few slow years in the Oil and Gas driven city.  

First Friday
All you can drink and eat from 11 am to 2 am at the National on 8th ave.  Thank you CES!

Sheep dogs and no one cares

Focused on other things

Keisha, Me, Nicole, Dale, Peter, Bert, James?
Tuesday Pipeworx and Knoxville's for Brett Kissel which was a fantastic day and night and show!

Chris and Me, hey they only had one horse

Just like my bar at home...

Hey for free samples...

Outstanding Originals and
Covers!  Alberta boy.
Wednesday Cowboys and Steven Tyler, wow. Got a last minute ticket on Kjiji for $10 and walked straight in.  Other's paid $100 for a ticket!

These hats have been around for
over 16 years! Originals!

"Dream on" sample.

Here we go

Hey lady, it's Steven F'ing Tyler...
Aerosmith...ah hello...

There he is.  How does he still have long
hair in his 70s...?
Second Friday Second Annual Stampede Bub (Bicycle Pub) Crawl!
Not for the faint of heart 7 bars in 7 hours ending when the Wild Horse closed!

Staring gang at Bottle Screw Bill's

Kilted Pete got a lot of attention

And not for his Bull riding skill

Wild Horse from 8pm to 2am!
Saturday started less Stampedy and ended at the Wild Horse again after I rode home tipsy to get cowboyed up and return to downtown all with in 1.25 hours!  That's 10 km of riding a bike home, showering, changing and then training back to the city centre to meet Steve who did the same!

Banded Peak the 3 stop on the Brewery Crawl

OMG!  Paddy's Barbeque and Brewery

New Buddy Steve!  Stay tuned for
Cabin Brewery opening!

Wild Horse again

Stampede 2018 Done!

Off to the spectacular Waterton Lakes National Park for a wedding.  Congrats Kate and Derek. 

Wedding, nice little bars, golf, spectacular views, great accommodation...what more could you want.

Drove down through the windy Southwest Alberta to get to Waterton for my first time ever.  Stopped to enjoy this altered sign in Brocket (made famous by a mock radio show in the 80's).

What's that say???

Windy equals Windmills!

Spectacular road to Waterton

Look at these bike guys

The lake and Prince of Wales Hotel

I was so intrigued by both creatures
as we watched the wedding rehearsal 

Waterton Lakes Lodge Resort

Nice digs for the Wedding which was only steps away, actually everything in the town is only steps away.

Rehearsal, looks like a good spot

More distraction

Quaint Town

Little round of golf at the only course

What more do you need...

Go Bonny

Makes the hangover easier

Go Alex

Prince of Wales Hotel, quite amazing really.

Blow away!  Literally and Figuratively

Looking down to the town

The damage on the roof is from the 
fire ambers last summer.

Video from inside the Prince of Wales Hotel

The shore and town

There's cougars in town

Damn straight there's cougars in town

Wedding time

This ring bearer is going to be a sloppy
drunk tonight

Nice to meet you

It's official

Disaster of a room after all the girls got changed here.  I couldn't believe it. The only thing that topped this was Derek's Lawyer, Prostitute Joke in his speech.

Derek, Bonny, Kate

I can't believe you told that joke...

Other Stuff

England shoot out against Colombia to move to the final 8 teams of the World Cup 2018. The Colombians were scared to cheer, which is not how they are in South America!

New vent
Screwed fence!

Pickle Stop...hmm

Breathing test

Still got it...earring hole that is

Oh yeah!