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June 2018 - Chau Tulum, Hello Playa del Carmen, Montreal F1 and Home

In June I left Tulum stopping 3 nights in Playa del Carmen then diverting straight North for Formula 1 and to visit a few friends and the coolest city in Canada before settling back in Calgary.  

Good bye Tulum...Alma, Gaby, Felipe, Herme, David, Isa, Lupee, Nayade, Carmen, Christopher, Cinthia, Faby, Yunue and Sonia.

Thanks Gaby and Alma!

ah...did I forget my pant legs?

Playa del Carmen Airbnb about as good as it gets...

Ready for more NHL

Deck 5 on the beach is a must do with roof top pool and bar.  They require a minimum consumption of 500 pesos ($28 usd) unless you convince them you are just there for a second (or 3 hours haha).

Nice tour of the roof top bar.

Bartender competition

Lots going on in this photo

Looking North

Literally a Trashy Girl sitting on a Trash can

You're gonna pay to use the bathroom whether you buy a ticket or not.

Fully packed Israelis

Not happy...lost my Mexico entry payment receipt (just like I did in 2011!).  I guess I'll never remember this damn thing and worst of all I had to exchange usd to get pesos to pay it...and of course at the airport the rate was horrific! (15 to 1 usd which normally was 19 to 1).

Mexico took it all!

My return to Montreal after 13 years and my first Formula 1 experience.  Good weather and good spirits made for a really good week in Montreal after being a bohemian on the beach in Mexico.  May be a little to Hoity Toity of a transition to the posh event, but all in all good.  I can truly say that after more time in Montreal I think the French Canadians really show how Canada should be run except for the "no motorcycles" permitted communities, WTF!!!  Check out the photos and videos below to get a better idea of the stories and places.

Heading in to the city

St Catherine's street in the Gay part

Famous and pricy!  All this for $17 haha!

I had no idea Molson was a French company?

Old Town


Checker flags everywhere

Sweet car

Notre Dame

St. James


Look out bike cops

City Hall

Peel Street, the lower end of the 2 after race party streets.


Incredible portrait of Leonard Cohen

Day 2 - Final track testing.

1-2km walk to the track

Me and Mylene

Cool Copter Landing

Friday at the races checking out the F1 test laps

Smaller Formula 1600 cc cars

Ferrari class behind me

Porsche field

Still on the island beside the track

Mean looking Lambo

The only excitement at this makeshift party.
These girls were gone after 15 minutes.

Looks good, but at $14/drink it's tough
to smile!!! Higher end Crescent street

Tourist Day with Gui.  Incredible food and very nice parks.

Amazing L'Avenue breaky

And cool bathroom!

La Fountaine Park, which way to the caterpillar lol

The Fountain

Joined the big bike bachelorette for a second 

Mont Royal for city views.

Can you see Leonard Cohen

And Racoons

St Joseph du Mont Royal
Biggest Church in Canada! 
Back to Old Montreal for more F1 excitement

I still thought our Civic was sweet!

Hotel Neligan Terrace

Coppers got em

Tasty Poutine at La Banquise

Day 4 - This is what it's all about, 4 days of party to watch a 1.5 hour race.  A good day out, but why didn't we bring beer and food with us?  Oh yeah we were a little late haha.  The only Canadian in the race Lance Stroll crashed on the first lap with NZ hopeful Hartley and I shit you not people started leaving the stands.  No one was hurt, but there went my two choices to win (although they never had a chance).  Sebastian Vettel (German racing for Ferrari) never gave up the lead ahead of a Fin driver Bottas and Louis Hamilton finished 5th. Great weather, but if I was to do it again I would bring food/beer and get tickets on the hairpin.  Of course the tickets we had were an upgrade from my general admission so thanks JP for that!  Until next time!

Lined up forever to get in to the Race.

Ferrari fans

Perfect, take your non walking kids to the races
clipping my heels with your strollers. Loved it

The heartbreakers

Wild cloud

$5 for ear buds!!!

Start scene on  the video

Vettel all day

Big surprise after the race they let us stroll the track.

How cool

From the Lance Stroll wreck

Party...oh wait...this sucks.  1.5 hours to leave

A little Sushi Taxi break then to French ...

Music Festival...Music Franco
Choses Sauvages

Outstanding breakdance/hip hop display...Enjoy!



Klo Pelgag (she is unreal!)

Bye Montreal.  Thanks to Gui, Mylene, and JP for hosting, the tours, the tips and of course all the tickets!!!

Rubber train tires. hmmmm

Back to Calgary and Honey Boo Boo
Back to Calgary and my house and toys and responsibility.

Turbo and Crush

Look at the reservoir!

At the gym I ran in to this scene of Bishop Carroll grads assembling for their ceremony.  That's going back a few years for me. Turns out my buddy Nathan from high school is now Vice Principal.

Bishop Carroll Grad

Mount Royal University Gym

Track, pool, courts,

How does a guy jam a straw in his glasses...

Trolley 5 Half Price Meat Platters!

Other Stuff

Seat pirates sleeping in Emergency Exit.
Montreal hospitality 



Oh no.  Fan got jammed up

All good now

Pork Butt, tasty?

Is this an illusion?

Too many jokes...but it's also sad

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