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August 2018 - Nazareth then Off to Sail Spain, Portugal

The month never really got going until mid August when Nazareth came to town.  Then I left...
to go Sailing off the Coast of Spain and Portugal.  And that's about it...the usual...haha.

Wake up!  You're in Portugal
Happy 10th Anniversary Brendandrea! (Although I was a little late on this one missing the Anniversary back in 2015 due to a few flight cancellations in Buenos Aires).  Nothing like a little Nazareth to bring back the memory of the early days.

Check out those Custom shirts

1 out of 4 Original Band Members

Love Hurts! A Nazareth Classic.

Love you guys

Set out on the 20th for Toronto (8 hour layover) and then to Lisbon, Portugal where I caught a Train to Porto 4 hours North.  An early evening arrival to my friend Marta's place then a quick amazing dinner and 1 or 2 ports as you do in Porto.  Finally a bus to Vigo, Spain the next morning to connect with Dr. Feelgood Sailing Vessel.  

Janaya and I scored Premier Economy
by being the last to check in. Thx WJA

Damn! Membership would have it's
privilege... cause I ain't paying that!

Could have been the double Ryes,
causing me to forget my computers
2 times, Once on the plane and one here.

Good Karma? Two seats for me all the
way to Lisbon.



Quick bite to eat at the Oriente Mall,
Quick photo to the water and gone

A little tired now and the girl across
from me wasn't helping roping me in
with her Iphone charger at my seat.

Take a look around

oh right!  European trains have snack
cars...How much?  2 Euro beers!

Porto Train Station - Sao Bento

Oh shit!  My little pocket mirror wasn't plastic after all.

Very nice look to Porto

Layers of meat, bread and Meat!
Oh and some tomate sauce and meat!

Francesinha - A Porto staple

Camara Municipal do Porto.
"Nice Church" I said to Marta. Haha.

The secret Bus depot. Where's the office?

Chau for now Porto

City bus in Vigo displaying GPS!

Just about at the sailboat!

Streets of Vigo 

Streets of Vigo

German owned extra salty place.


Sail Day 1 (8 Nmiles to Barra) - Setting off from Vigo on a 37 foot Bavaria owned by a British couple Simon and Sally.

Sally and Simon getting
organised for departure

Vigo in the distance

Lying fog as we motored to Playa de Barra

Few others enjoying the free anchor
in front of the Nudist Beach

Not a lot of naked detail from this distance.
Sail Day 2-4 (15 Nmiles to Baiona) - Headed out in a little ... a lot of fog in a calm sea, about 4 hours at 5 knots.

Dolphins!!! And lots of them.

So fun and full of energy

The Castle of Monterreal of Baiona

It's all under control

Quick boat tour.

Holy crap, who's driving?

Baiona, Spain is fantastic!  We arrived in mid afternoon in to a surprisingly lovely and quite little town.  Surprising if you are a group of tourist who didn't do any research. Haha.  A nice waterfront, marina and mini beaches surrounding Castle Monterreal. Oh and we met some great people too!

Walk around the Baiona Castle / Fortress.

Guns set on Marina

Marina right by the Castle

Huge 60' monohull sailboat

Enormous burger, Thx Poli!

Great night with Brasilian Beauties
Poli, Stef and her Mom Anair
Sail Day 5 (40 Nmiles to Viana do Castelo) - Early morning with Los Paranauticos.  Avoided crab pots on the Atlantic coast for 8 hours in a 10-12 knot wind. Lots of motoring. Arrived in town, had a dip in the water then a little walk around which was pretty quiet on a Sunday.  People say it's great...ok, and I guess if I went up to the castle that could colour my opinion.

Mind blowing amount of Kite Surfers
quiet streets

There's your Castle!

Viana do Castelo Port Pivoting Bridge seems like over kill...and the same guy that runs the marina has  to run over and open the bridge every time.  

 Sail Day 6 (35 Nmiles to Leixoes (cheap marina near Porto)) - A few hours of 14-15 knot wind cruising along up to 6 knots.  Another stressful docking for what ever reason, one last night, a few beers and that was my time with Los Paranauticos.

Oh yeah.

Leixoes commercial marina, yuck

Looks ok, but no Baiona

Simon and Sally Paranautico

Other Stuff

New ridiculous golf cart tram
system in Calgary YYC.

Servicing a winch x 6 of them.

Hilarious drunk couple walking around at 10pm (early for Spain) in Baiona.

Don't walk behind that dart board!!!
in Viana do Castelo

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