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Spain Moto 2018 - Barcelona, Diada, Sagrada Familia

Day 12-14 in the most famous and know city of Spain...Barcelona.  Architecture, Beaches, Lively Restaurants and Bars, Multicultural and of course full of Tourists!!!

Oh...Sagrada Familia
Valencia to Barcelona (300km) C4R7/8T3V5 Some coastal driving, desert with a touch of rain. The last 60 km was slowed by towns and traffic although I did enjoy the sea views and curves where I could. C8R7T7V8.

Oh no...Rain...?


Desert area

Still no rain

Refinery port

Another good Star Wars location

Castell de Calafell...boring...Well ate lunch anyway

I guess Troglodytes wouldn't have
posh palaces

Great curves, but lots of traffic


Nice Marina

That looks like a vistic train ride

Late afternoon arrival in BCN (know by it's airport acronym) to some decent traffic and construction detours making getting off the bike a bit strenuous. Scored a reasonably priced room at Hostal River (later moving to Hostal Europa due to no vacancy) which was quite good and the location super in Raval although the moto parking wasn't as close and noticed a few times people had played with the moto.  Next door ate a few times at Romesco and later had a great time at MarcoPolo's then paid too much to go to an after hours Plataforma 13 euros including a drink. As well, checked out Diada, Beach Barceloneta and of course Sagrada Familia. 

Note: Barcelona is the pricey city in Spain ...about 30-40% more than most.

Sweet bike lane, like a highway

Lots of 30 km/h zones in the city.

Traffic lights up to 90 seconds red

Hostal River single 40 euros compared to 25e in Valencia

Sant Antoni Market

A quick tour of Raval area to park the bike for the night and grab a bite to eat.

Ah crap, had my top on backwards

No chance of a ticket, I hope

100 m from Hostal River.
"Romesco" is a classic

Tuna steak with veggies

"Beer, Weed, LSD, Food"
Not the only guy with this set up

La Rambla under surveillance 

Lots of Tourist - Plaza Catalan

"This looks like a nice Fountain"

Barcelona Cathedral

Jesus buddy, how long has it been
since you rode???

Or you guys...hey wait these bikes
aren't whole

Plataforma 13e to get in with a drink

Whiskey Water

Lots of homeless villages in BCN

That's the system
Throw it on the ground
City workers pick it up

Diada - National Day Of Catalonia which commemorates the fall of Barcelona in 1714 and the loss of Catalan institutions and laws.  Videos are worth a watch and of course the photos priceless.

In route to Diada

Nice makeup

Is this place safe?

In amongst the crowd I felt like a bad field reporter who stumbled upon something big

An Irish Flag, REALLY!
Just go hang in a pub already

The eruption of the crowd right after the moment of silence at 17:14

A cute WTF moment. Maybe it's 
because Messi has not paid  taxes
 to the Spanish Government. He owes 
25 million euros which probably 
hurts Catalan  more than Spain.

Well see you tomorrow 

Catalan Flags everywhere, this 2 km from the rally

Vball, vball, vball

New Argie and Uruguayans friends at Barceloneta Beach

5 hours with out power at Hostal Europa

Finally and definitely not least important...La Sagrada Familia my favourite architecture in all of Europe!!! Unfortunately I lost the video for this sentimental moment (this my second time being in its presents).  Enjoy my 360 tour!

Backside to me is great

Why wouldn't ya eat dinner here

Is no place sacred from thieves?

Strolling around la Sagrada... ladi da

Standing about 40 stories - 130 metres

Very attention capturing front

Thus completes the tour...