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Portugal Moto 2018 - Lisbon to Vila Nova de Milafontes to Alvor

Portugal-Spain Moto Ride that was loosely planned back in Canada all came together thanks to some help.  Heli for setting up the moto, me and paperwork and to Tani who kindly lent me his 600 Yamaha Faser for a whirlwind tour of the two most Western Countries in Continental Europe.

Notes: It's a nice enough country, but for those who said it's inexpensive they must be beer drinkers as gas is 1.60 euro/litre ($2.30 cad/litre), pricey toll roads, bread and olives at your resto table are all 1 euro extra and smiles are not as common as you may think which is likely due to a costal country battered by tourism especially in the South (Algarve)

About 4000 km in
3 weeks
Ready.  My pants, jacket and gloves.
Tani's Boots, Helmet and Bike!

Moto Day 1 - Lisbon to Vila Nova de Milafontes (150km).  A quick ride to Porto Covo, "what no accommodation" so on to Milafontes grabbing a dorm bed for the short stay. Nailed for 7 euro toll for 75km before jumping off to the coast and free road for 75km more.  C3R8T3V5-6 for highway. C5R7T3V7 for secondary road. Checked out the little seaside village after a nice fresh fish meal.

Received all documents and keys from Finland then set up the bike leaving non-essentials behind.

Ok Brad remember
how you found it

Open autopista, but it will cost ya.

Bit windy too

Bye to the 2 hours of day light I had

Atlantic coast

Beatriz, the only English/Spanish
speaker in Porto Covo that I found

That's fresh!

Not bad, olives 1e and bread 1euro extra

Some rides at Milafontes

Nice little bar

Little Hostel Pirata

Moto Day 2 - Milafontes to Alvor (100km) Algarve Region.  C7R7T3/4V7 - Good curves through light forest and foothills.  The plan was to stay in Lagos or close. I tried but after feeling overwhelmed in Lagos I slipped over to Alvor a smaller sea town with everything I needed for a good day and night.  Ria Hostel is alright and the Switches at Beer and Co. were stellar!

Beach beside Milafontes

Let's start the day.

As always, some loose drivers

Getting used to my new camera on some short curves.

Nice tree lined section

Chasing a wild scooter rider, fast!

Crazy scooter rider

Must almost be open in 15 more min.

Nice cove for anchoring next to Alvor

Nice parking lot for anchoring...
Praia dos Tres Irmaos

Pretty nice beach

Slightly developed

Only slightly developed haha

What a fire hazard!

Portuguese Rocky?

Ria Hostel next to everything

Hostel with a view

Switches rocking out, 2 encores!

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