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Spain Moto 2018 - Alicante, Valencia of the Southeast

Day 8-11 Continued along the picturesque coast which took me North to Alicante that had everything I guy could ask for and then on to Valencia another gem of a city with great food and outstanding monuments and buildings.  Vamos el Sureste de Espana!

Moto Day 8-9 - Almeria to Alicante via Aguilas coastal route (300 km) On less than a desired amount of sleep I set out for Alicante in the hot sun. Almeria to Alguilas is as good a coastal route as I've seen in Spain C7R7T3-8V8 except for the traffic slow downs in a few spots. A quick cool down at a road side swimming bay then on to the very warm inland highway route to Alicante C3R8T4V4.

Side Note: Saw a guy riding a moto at 160 km/h in sandals :(  WTF!

Carboneras - Carbon workers

If it wasn't for the Carbon plant this town might be busier.

Definitely up for a swim.
A little road sample

Look at that bridge

Just incredible, I took that road to get  here

GPS hiccup, always interesting

"Old stones"

I don't see why not

A little break at this lovely bay South of Aguilas.  

A few of us braved the steep
access to get down to the beach

Loving my new Fuji XP130, although a little slow for riding shots it's pretty decent for $200 CAD.

Oh yeah

Now the tricky climb back to the highway with road tires

Of course I made it

Hot and dry

Just South of Lorca

Tunnel to Lorca

A little greener closer to Alicante

Rolled in to Alicante round 5pm hot and ready for the beach.  Went in to an Irish bar to use WIFI to find a place to stay and the owners offered a room in their apartment.  Good enough for a night, sort of.  Moved to a nice Pension "Central Parke" the next night closer to the action. Thx Adrino.

A little beach time

Outdoor elevator

Living in the water

Castle Santa Barbara in the distance

Street festival preparations

Nice Ferrari

Some serious boats here

More of Castle Santa Barbara

Bad Boys Bad Boys

Sucks to be in the shade
Note to self.


Great idea, like a sushi train for Tapas

L'Tablas is great

Busy bar zone

Can't get enough of the Castle

Moto Day 10-11 - Alicante to Valencia via Granadilla (200 km) A late start due to rain had me on the road around 2pm, but that didn't effect my plans to stop at the highly recommended Granadilla Beach/Bay.  C5-8R7T5V7/8 great curves after I got past Benidorm (the super tourist high rise town).  Granadilla to Valencia C3R7/8T6V5, I manage to avoid rain all the way to the hotel "Valencia Suits You".

Total pit stop look at Gas station

Benidorm, wtf Tron building!?

Loving it

Riding to Granadilla



Check out the married couple left
Surveying Granadilla

Actually pretty comfy

Looking back to the beach from the floating dock, but not for long as she's pretty bouncy out there.  Late night coming back to haunt me...

Lookout! Jelly Fish

All rocks rock!

Set to air dry my towel and trunks

Appreciating this sign

Valencia, which is heavily overshadowed by it's neighbour to the North (starts with a B), is a definite stop on any tour of Spain. Two nights around the town...Check it out...

A nice little room at Valencia Suits You with everything you need, but be warned that my room had a ghost...TV, lights and fan would turn on in the middle of the night.
Good communal area

Arriving after 6pm

Beach time

Quite a swallow beach and a lot of
real estate back to the bars 



Peter Rock - Rock Bar

Lucky to be good photo of "Plaza de la Virgen"

Side walk parking in Valencia

Love Ficus trees

Jaume I

Palacio del Marques de dos Aguas

St Thomas

Chicken and Seafood Paella

A little Park Romance


Jonathan's first compensation for
his street magic

Other Stuff

Freshly squeezed to a whole new level.

Cheaper and easier

Alicante Police Moto
Wow, you don't find too many people
with this opinion "Nuke"

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