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Spain Moto 2018 - Cadiz, Gibraltar, Almeria of Southern Spain

Day 5-7 I rode to Gibraltar for a little English influence then on to Almeria another surprisingly quaint town that was hard to leave.  Vamos el Sur de Espana!

Moto Day 5 - Sevilla to La Linea/Gibraltar (250 km) On a brand new back tire I took the short 1hr ride to Cadiz to warm the tire up and have a snoop around this highly talked about peninsula city. C4R7T6V5 Road opened up after getting out of Sevilla.

Battlax 160/60 R17

The old "ride the shoulder" motorcycle trick

My new treasure hunt - Toro

Solar delight

As seen in the video

Bridge in to Cadiz, love it.


Board walking the peninsula

Point closed, but beach open

Check out the behind the scenes

Behind the scenes of the other photo
Cameraman and fishermen.

Love the little pit stop gas station

Cadiz to Algeciras C6R7T4V8 overall with a spectacular section in Estrecho Park C8/9R7/8T5V8. 

Passing a Military Convoy

Another Bull/Toro!

Land of wind and curves

Just after a fantastic climb to this view

Just passed Algeciras you start
to see the Rock...
Riding in to La Linea looking at the Rock of Gibraltar.  Parked the moto near the hotel, lunched and napped then walked over the border in to the UK for a look around Gibraltar.  

FYI: La Linea is 80% cheaper to stay than Gibraltar.

After I parked the moto
near the Hotel in
La Linea

Saving myself a Euro.  Wonder if they sell any of these?

Tunnel to Commercial Zone

Could be in England...

Tax free!

Alameda Botanic Gardens where
you could find Monkeys, but I didn't.

Looking West to Algeciras

Paint your own parking spot

The old "Red Phone booth"

Nice walkway on the West side

Is this like "China Town"?

 Leaving Gibraltar, crossing the landing strip.

It's pretty awesome

Looking at the Rock from La Linea

Moto Day 6-7 - La Linea/Gibraltar to Almeria (400 km) City after city and lots of roundabouts up to Malaga C5R8T7V6.  Then just perfect! C5R8T4V8/9 Ocean views, Mountains, Agriculture, Tunnels, Beach Towns and Smooth Curves.  #HappyChappy

Open road...not really

Wild, where's this gondola going?

Love the tunnels

Check out all these greenhouses!

Arriving in to Almeria, Nice!

Almeria is just lovely, a couple hundred thousand people, beach front and free tapas with your drink.  What!!!  Yes FREE Really Good food with your drinks.  I could live here...Especially with Klaus as my neighbour, good fun in the night with the man who knows all.

This looks promising

Oh yeah

Descent amount of sailboats in the marina


18 euro plate of Iberico Ham and cheese

Tough to be a Vegetarian in Spain.
These Ham legs can be found almost


Lovely music to enjoy the bathroom experience.
Klaus' Shelf of

Day tour of Cabo de Gata and coastal villages just North.  Great ride and weather. C6R6/7T3V7/8.

I Tomate Almeria


Yeah, curves
Day tour beginning North of Cabo de Gata and coming back to Almeria

Nice 10% climb should result in
a sweet view

Just North of San Jose

Back to the sea!

Looks promising

check out that old windmill!

Morron de los Genoveses

Looking North over San Jose

A few Sailboats anchored here

How far has he walked in his
swimmers and how much further is
the beach?

Little windy, but warm so happy.
A little hike to see the bay and back up to the bike.

Normally I would have explored,
but had a bunch more to see.

Then back around the National Park to get to the point of Cabo de Gata.

Perhaps a good location for a Horror Movie

Spectacular vistas

Empty Beer can in driver's cup holder.

Developed country, but you could still hurt yourself

looking North

As I said, developed country, but you can still hurt yourself

A Good location for StarWars, right?

Leaving Cabo de Gata

Cabo de Gata

Heading back along the South coast from Cabo de Gata

Ah crap it's too windy to swim here

Not a bad snack

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