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Spain Moto 2018 - Sevilla via Faro, Portugal

Left Alvor to go to Spain for the next weeks starting with a few nights in Sevilla which I had heard great things about and really wasn't disappointed aside from surviving the heat!

Moto Day 3-4 - Alvor to Sevilla (300 km) Traffic heavy and town filled ride to Faro C3R7T8V2. Had a nice break at the sort of waterfront in Faro then forward in the 32 C heat to Seville, Spain which eventually turned to 41 C as I came inland.  At least the highway was much more relaxing C3R7T3V6, aside from the excitement of a guy walking out of a supermarket without paying in this little gas stop. Welcome to Spain!

Side Story: Grabbed a sandwich from a supermarket. While I was paying this guy walked back out the entrance with a coke and sandwich in hand.  The girl at the till and I stood in shock. "Should you call the police?" as the guy calmly walked off.  Another employee came over and they called the police and that was it.  The guy actually only went as far as a small roundabout and sat down just on the other side of a hill and ate his lunch.  I didn't bother to say anything more going back to my conversation with these old drunk, poor Polish travellers sitting by my Moto drinking wine.  Good they didn't stoop to this level.  I hope the cops understood them when they eventually would arrive.

Middle lane posts ruin it for motos

Cool to see, but definitely a traffic retarder

So yeah slow

Faro water front area where people take speed boat tours to outer areas that have real beach.  The train slipping by was a super cool surprise as I thought it was one of those abandon rails that cost more to remove than keep in place becoming a historic site.

Relic coming in to pick up a tour group

Train slipping by

I get the feeling there's a lot of tourist carriers in Faro

Leaving Faro

Check out this cool little unit

Treelined road to Praia Verde

Hoity Toity Praia Verde


Day of the horses?

So exciting to enter a country I can speak the language!...sort of...


The usual river country separator

A little side route to grab gas and food

Moto lunch

Two Polish Drunk Travellers
Not the guy who stole his lunch.

Hot as Highway to Hell!

Can't believe they allowed this modern eyesore to be built

In to Sevilla at 41C!!!

Around the town of Seville (Sevilla), which was my first time back in Spain since 2003.  Really really enjoyed my two full days staying in Triana just across the river from the Old Town Centre.  Great food, drinks, friendly people and beautiful areas.  A little warm of course, but just drink more cold Can~as of beer!

Rooftop apartment tour...

Moto Cafe

Dedicated to Sevilla's Jorge Lorenzo 99 Moto GP Rider

A block from my Apartment

Damn there's still tread on that!

Great tapas place
"La Premiera del Puente"

Another classic in Triana

free prawn tapas with these beers!

Nice plate, but struggled to get the gazpacho down.

Looks amazing, except for the modern background

Hey ladies...

What better way to site see the
Historic Areas phuff, may be I should
get my motorbike???

Absolutely Beautiful Cathedral

Feeling it

Delicious sweets

Bank of Spain

Always amazed at the set up and
collections of street people. That one
is a backpackers nightmare!

Heat helping water misting

Tonnes of Ladies on Motos

Casa del Toros

Triana side of Canal de Alfonso

Perfect parking in front of the

Excellent roof top views

Traditional guitar and singing by a less traditional Wo-man...?

Singing Bartender
who was actually a
Traditional woman

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