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Portugal Moto 2018 - Back to Lisbon to return the Moto and explore on Foot

Finally got a chance to walk, eat and drink around Lisbon after putting the motorbike out to pasture in Lagoinha (40 km out of Lisbon).  Thanks again to Heli for everything and Tani for lending me the Moto.

Moto Day 23 Aracena to Lisbon, well close (300 km) Started out mid morning from Aracena grabbing some oil and last cheap gas in Spain.  C5R6T3V7.

Portugal ahead

Cortegana Castle

Last looks back to Spain


Serpa to Moura - Sweet little side road to catch some lakes.  C7R6T3/5V6.  Narrow roads. 

European RV, tiny.

Good sweeps

Oh nice

Getting some water views near Barragem de Alqueva


Barragem de Alqueva

Barragem de Alqueva, some big ass Dam, Love it!

Dammed water side

Wide open

Dead straight

Viana do Alentejo

Planned and Permitted Graffiti

Viana do Alentejo to Lagoinha was basically straight riding with a few 90 degrees to freak me out. 
C2-9R6T3V5. Lots of small towns which is the price you pay to avoid paying the pricey road tolls.

Blow past that slow poke

Dead straight

with the odd curve


The old shovel picker at Lidl

Back to Lagoinha and to return the moto to the spot I found it.

Glad I marked that on my GPS before I left

Open the Castle Gate!

4355 km in 23 days, that's a lot of beer!

All tidied up

Done like a calf roping

Now finally to relax at Casa de Heli and Neale.

Wiring to block the birds and lose your
drying underwear

A beautiful Fish Caldeirada
Enjoying the pool

A little barn yard Chicken on Chicken romance.

Never saw chicken
SEX before

Day 24-25, Lisbon for a couple of nights.  When I arrived in August I had only 4 hrs in the Capital of Portugal, so it was necessary to return and have a few nights there.  Check it out...

Driving Heli's Fiat that has almost
the same size engine as the Motorbike

Vasco da Gama

Wing to myself at My Hostel Lisbon

Tasty Fish dish at O Moises

O Moises Traditional Portuguese

Thanks Heli!

Heli's Fiat really got me thinking

Walking down to the centre

Marques de Pombal

Where's the action?

Barrio Alto is the party zone...

Boom! People everywhere

Boom! Drug dealers everywhere!

Half a litre of beer for $1.50 CAD

When in Lisbon, go to the Docks...?

Hanging at the Docks club by the water front with some locals I met Barrio Alto.  $15 CAD drinks, isn't Portugal cheaper??  Didn't I just pay $1.50 for a half litre of beer??

R and B all night

Decided to walk the 4-5km back to the Hostel in order to really check out Lisbon in it's quiet time.  Up and Down as Lisbon is full of hills if you didn't know.

Always have to take a photo of this car

Lovely blue sky warming up

Estrela Basilica

Morning Geese

Yeah, it's a park!

Alright all have your
shit bombing coordinates for the day

Good morning Lisbon

This guy would speed up to walk
behind other guys, they would look
back and he would change sides

open 24 hours my ass, its closed!

Next trips luggage

Jardim da Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (one entrance)

My last night I went up to a few parks atop of the city for some great views.

Lake Park

Jardim Amalia Rodrigues

Garden Amalia Rodrigues

Parque Eduardo VII

Gorgeous spot looking towards Marques
de Pombal, except the guy taking the
Selfie!  Oh geez.

Eduard VII Park

Non Selfie is better isn't it?

Corner of Jardim da
Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian