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Spain Moto 2018 - Granada, Alhambra and the North Sierras, Aracena

Moto Day 20 - 22 Headed South to the highly anticipated Granada for Free Tapas and to check out Alhambra. Then back towards Portugal stopping just before the border at Aracena in the North Sierras.  Serious riding on both legs of this part of the trip.

Love this photo of Alhambra and Sunset
Moto Day 20-21 Madrid to Granada (450 km) First 200 km out of the Capital on A-4 was pretty straight forward (pun intended) C2R7T3V5.

Somehow hit this cool oneway tunnel out of Madrid

Straight forward at 200 km/hr!

Damn, big load

There's a Bull!

Jaen province

Despenaperros Park a nice little 10 - 15 km diversion from the main route down to Granada. C7R7T0/1V7/8.

Near Santa Elena

On A44 which went farming and then back in to the mountains and tunnels before arriving in Granada. C5R8T4V8
Back on it.

Cool rock retaining wall

Great views

Love it

In to Granada late afternoon to follow my GPS up streets I didn't think I was allowed on. Stayed at an amazing apartment hotel in the centre below Alhambra run by Danielito's from Airbnb. One of only 2 cities that I know of in Spain that provide free tapas with drinks everywhere. Check out the views from the terrace of the biggest attractions in Spain.

hah, never saw that before.

Seems ok? Less mobile than a moto.

very modern is it?

Ah...tight street...You sure GPS?

Follow the Taxi where...

Great spot for a patio

Park up there, oh shit!
Tour of Danielito's Apartment in Old Town

Nice Touch

The reviews for this Hotel was that it had an amazing roof top view...Check it out!

Alhambra from the Mohr Era

Must be tough to regulate the water temp.

There's the bike


Wonderful music from a different type of drum in the street.

Terrible tapas!

The tours for the inside of Alhambra (General Life) were unfortunately booked out which was fine for me only missing a few spots, like a fancy pool.  Still I enjoyed hiking up and taking in the 889 AD Arabic built Fortress. Let's have a look shall we...

Found the backway near my hotel

I hope I have captured the incline that went on for 20 min

Just about there, flatted out now


Signs of Tourism "Hotel America"

Wild small stone sidewalk

The Entrance for the Poor with out a 15 euro ticket

Palace of Charles V

Inside Palace of Charles V

Courtyard and Gardens

Tourist lined up to walk the garden

All the rules to go into the Alcazaba

And out...

Chau Alhambra

Trident Fountain

Back to town for a quick siesta and then to find some good Tapas!

Plaza de Santa Ana
Real tight when the bus goes by.

Now that's a nice tapa at Diamante

A sign of a good Tapas bar, garbage
on the floor. Tasty mushrooms.

Beautiful Whiskey Beef at

Ended at a College bar - 0.5 cent shots, 1 euro beers! 

Moto Day 22 Granada to Acarena (350 km) Began the day with a few possible end points in mind in the North Sierras in route to Portugal.  Highway N-432 was C5R7T4V7 foothill and valley riding.

Morning section just North of Granada.

Espejo to Loro del Rio was the least interesting road of the day and I stupidly skipped Cordoba ... Oh well. C5R5T4V6.


Day drinking at the Gas Station...

Always fun to rip pass a tractor

Around Loro del Rio at the base of the North Sierras, a little lost, thinking there was a connecting road all the way along the Sierras, but no.

Is this a problem?


Tight but nice

Up we Cazalla de la Sierra, Excellent!!! C7R7T2V7.

Gorgeous road up

Climbing in to the Sierras again

Nice camera

Thought to stop in Cazalla, but no
one was home so I kept going...

Cazalla to El Real de la Jara was so wild.  C9!R4T1V8 Tiny road without shoulders.  Lots of switch backs and basically the road all to myself.

Don't crash in the Cactus!

Nice ride sample of this narrow road

This looks interesting

Rough road

Odd road must be something ahead

Now that's a dam!

Some major Dam on the road to El Real...what a great surprise!!!


Basically me and that nude dude over there

Sign of great moto road ahead

How did he get the RV up here

Got to pay attention on this highway...

Remote farm

El Real to Aracena, C7R7T2V7 great sweeps on this section.

Gas Station in El Real de la Jara -
WTF Dogs and what else in that Trailer


Long day


Close to Portugal

Happy to call it a day in Aracena which is about 50 km to Portugal and cheaper in all ways, food, gas, and accommodation.  Apparently there's a big Tourist Attraction here "Gruta de las Maravillas" but I was too late to catch it with the other Copper Tops.

Side Story: At an Argentina restaurant "Las Tinajas" I order a beer at the bar, walked out to the patio, tripped and spilled it completely like a jackass who had been riding a motorbike all day.  The owner was kind enough to pour me a full fresh one and even provided some always expensive Iberico Ham as a Free Tapa.  Great guy, thanks Pauly.

Classic old cobble street

At Hotel Sierra, 35 euro a night

Las Tinajas, Arg Empanadas. 

Bath house?

Interesting draining system

La dee da
Other Stuff

My standard lunch

A leg of ham a little too big to carry

Never thought I'd see a lid and no seat?

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