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Time to get on German Time.  Arrived in Hamburg to reasonable weather (12-20 C) bringing the sun with me to enjoy a few days with my old buddy Martin. Days later I tried to meet up with another old friend in Berlin with no luck.

Left Spain with a yearning to return. Took a super easy and cheap train to the Malaga Airport.  All went well.  Bye Spain...

Hey Forest. "Life is like a box of Tapas"

Founded by Bruno and Sergio Costa.
Bought by Coke for $3.9 Billion

Lined up 30 minutes before the flight, why???

Southern Sierra


Oh shit, I can't remember German!

This place is different, but cool

OMG, Schweinske Resto tasty!

Mysterious swallen finger from hockey
in August, weird.


Super cool, first 30 min on bikes Free!

The Alster Lake

Kiez Curry

My First CurryWurst

Reeeperbahn area of Hamburg

So German...Love the wall so people
can't see the prostitutes in the windows

The good old Titty Twister

One of the busier Stations

Pano of Reeperbahn

I'm always curious of the story here.
A lesson in everything in our world

Tough night on the table


A selfie at 25 kph!

Little Alster Lake

Made Sunrise, surprisingly

Elisa and Martin for dinner

Let's have a tour

Near the shipping docks - Hafencity

Elbphilharmonie, newly built upper

Tidy Germans and inspiring comments

back on the bikes and ride!

A couple cool campervans in

I suspect people are living in these

Schnitzel me!!!

Potential for a gross situation

Yum, Bretzel with beet hummus

Arty chocolate and of course pricey
The drill would be a perfect Vday gift

Then off to Berlin by bus for only a night due to a major lack of accommodation in the city.  Seriously, there was only one hotel left on Booking for 230 euros!  After the 2 hour bus ride turned in to 6 hours due to highway shutdown and detours I kinda regretted even trying to meet up with my Old Buddy Antje who was just too busy in the end.  Ah, still cool to see Berlin.

Welcome to my adventurous Bus ride...

I love the clouds from transpo windows

windy windy windmills

Detour, smoke break everybody

Well this is better than the Autobahn

Forget about trimming the trees, just
put up a sign.

And another stop.  This time so the driver
could eat lunch.  45 min wait, with only
15 km to Berlin left.  Ridiculous.

Stayed at an Airbnb, which was only available for one night.

Wild staircase

Real nice curry dish

Construction always in Germany

But construction makes for good
bike locking.

Is this where it all started?
Of course no longer a chain in Canada

More construction

Neukollner Schiffarhtskanal

check out the cross over leg resting!

River boat tours


Zhe looks lovely

How many times did people try to wash
 their hands in the urinal below the sink?

Walk by photo ops...

Chau Berlin, I get the point,
No space for me here...
(Berlin TV Tower)