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October 2018 - Malaga, Spain

Literally jumped off the boat in Gibraltar and headed for Malaga, Spain to experience a city I had missed on my way around the Southern coast on my September Motorbike trip, which according to everyone it was a place I shouldn't have missed and they were right...

Malagueta Beach

An unexpected fall out with Sally Paranautico for reasons likely connected to her sailing anxiety.  In addition, the poor weather forecast for the next week helped me decide to pack up and "ship out."  I had a quick thought to stick around Gibraltar for a day or two, but man is accommodation expensive! 

Airfield gate

A few hours bus ride and a little nap to help the energy level after a 4:30am start to the day I found a good spot in the Centre for a few nights before flying to Hamburg.


Was a river on the map

lots of construction

A city in rebuild mode

Never did get the history of the river

Awesome Kick Volleyball match

More construction, late arrival.

Hey!!! That's my favourite brand.

Flash Back - My claim to fame in New Zealand 2011... Daikin Commercial... 

Malaga is a good size city with lots of history, beaches, marina, hiking near by, tourism and the home of Antonio Banderas. And of course the famous Spanish nightlife and food.  Tour time...

I wonder if a drunk guy fell into this?

It's got to be good

Tasty Tapas at Casa Lola

Castle Gibralfaro

Amphitheater below the Castle

Malaga Cathedral

Sala Premier hits the spot for me with movie theme rooms and good clientele.

Looks good

Perfect Elevator Door Art

Creepy hobbit table

Grenades! Pull the Tequila first then
jagr drops in to redbull

Pablo and Borja wanted to try them

Borja wasn't having it

It was a Monday Night to be fair

More around town...

This serious is a river?

The man! Everyone in town loves
this guy.

More Casa Lola

Gorgeous polished streets

Central Market Atarazanas

Lambs head...

A lovely stroll to the beach...

Paseo del Parque


Towards the Marina

Waterfront Restaurant Area

Tour Cat

Looking back to the centre

Looking towards the beach
just on the other side

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