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December 2018 - Touch of Frankfurt, Germany

A quick last look at Europe from Frankfurt staying with Phil again.  Enjoyed more hearty beer and food and Winter Markets as well as Bjorn's birthday.

Flights out of Europe to Mexico were the best from Frankfurt so it was a no brainer.  Not just for price, but the rating for the flight by Condor is quite high.  So yeah, I fly up to take in a little December in Germany for my first time since beginning Europe adventures in 2003.

One last week in Germany

I could get used to this

Bretzel vending machine!

Never heard of this CAD Whiskey

Zur Giesskanne resto. 
Old school community hall look

Biggest Schnitzel I've seen.  800 grams! Had to wrap up
half of it for another day.

Still too big 1 day later!

Taking a Personality test.

A ride along the Nidda river then out to an Exhibition Phil worked the camera on.

Still 8 deg C

You're a big deal when you make
it in print.

Computer recognition software that
can read if you are smiling, sad, etc

Sure Phil, last drink...why :(
Guiness Strong...gross

Main train station

Dude, you're nuts in a good way

Finally Phil's fancy new car's GPS understands where he wants to go...

GPS found

With Swabian noodles!

So this is where the aliens land

Is that the style in Frankfurt?

Bjorn and his birthday meal

A few birthday drinks

A few birthday ideas

Made my way to town


Ok bar

To get kicked out of...

Out on a Saturday night in Frankfurt...

Winter markets closed
for the night

Weird scene at this local bar at 4 am.

Awesome Bayram Kebab Haus

Looks tasty, wish I drank dairy to try it

Tempting and so organised to be honest

No idea why she needs to make herself
up at 4am.

Pizza at a german resto, who does that?

Deposit machine at Lidl, 0.25 euros per can!

Boom! 5+ euros!

A little pre-Christmas celebration at the Winter Markets in the Centre.

8 piece classical band at the

The higher up a gym the more
ridiculous it is to me, no idea why.

Making Gluhwein, mostly wine with some rum and spices.  And served hot!


Everyone's here

amazing chocolate, but crazy pricey
a wrench for 6 euros!

more Gluhwein making


oh the colour

Get a Brat in ya

a New Retro part of town

Very Kubrick

Oh the beauty of a second language

And that was Europe...August 20 to Dec 5...Portugal, Spain, Germany, back and forth, sailing, motorbiking and as much swimming as I could do.  So many good moments and good people and amazing experiences.  We will meet again...Nos Vemos.

Condor, how bad can it be?

Moustache ready for Mexico

OMG, Row 4

Can't even touch the seat in front of me

I never tire of sky views from a plane

Over Greenland
Just incredible views chasing the setting Sun as we flew West.