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November 2018 - A Month of Malaga...Spain

Back to Malaga for a month of life in one place...yay.  Time to rest, relax, eat well, see the sights and enjoy the social life of this little gem in the South of Spain.

Flash Back from my Baby Days ...
Way, way back when I was less than 1!
Let's dive in. Arrived in the LATE afternoon as my Ryan Air flight was delayed 3 hours, but hey we made it alive.  Met with Ernesto the owner of my new two bedroom apartment for the month which worked out well for myself and Tani who rode the Moto from Lisbon, where I left it, to Malaga.

What can you do...$55 flight.

A little apartment tour.

Not the sunniest apartment

Rain or shine let's go for a swim...Really Brad.?..yikes

Weird, just me here...

Here we go...


A few days solo doing some scouting before the arrival of my roomie.  

Plaza de la Merced
Poor bastard's delivery box fell apart
due to being wet from the rain

Don Pablo Pollo

Halloween with limited options.  I used what I had and splashed out on a 1 euro tube of fake blood to take it to a respectable level considering I had no idea what to expect in Malaga Centre.

Was this necessary?

Motorcycle crash victim

A few dressed up in the streets

ZZ Pub, always good
Tani's arrival...

That's tight parking

Great view towards the Castle

View from Alcazaba Hostel

Tasty Olives of Spain...

Thunder Bitch

Day tour of Malaga and up to the look outs from Gibralfaro Castle.

Another clothed balcony

Lovely water front

Malaga Cathedral

Good view of the Habour as we climbed to the Castle

Bull fight stadium under construction

Reminded me of the Hobbit

Spectacular views

Looking East

Found this squatter coming down from the Castle

Been here for a while
I was wondering how they emptied these garbages.

How cool, that's the technique for
pouring this apple wine and the guy
has the same face every time.

"Be Happy" highly recommended

With "Penis Negronis"

That's a big dog!

Sleeping standing up in a loud bar, some people are just more talented than others.

The three Amigos,
at least until 3 am.

ZZ Pub is usually the last stop on my nightly tours, Live music at 3 am, awesome.

The usual look after
finishing at ZZ Pub

Beach time always helps a hangover
16C water temp. swim helps too. Ouch!

Amazing Muriel

Mister Roboto...Domo

Protesting in Merced Plaza

Readying for Christmas lights,
apparently quite famous display here

Finally going North of the Centre

La Oliva Negra for take away lunches

Look at this bike

A favourite spot close to the apartment. So popular we never went on Friday's or Saturday's. Packed!

La Tranca

Three different barrels of sweet wine
Tasty Tapas

And the adding of your bill
Excellent night with live Flamenco.  Check it out

Worst Futbolin table
Look at the size of that

Recommendations: Sala Premier, Casa Lola, La Tranca, Liceo, ZZ Pub, Be Happy, Pernales Red Wine at El Pimpi, Malaga Tandem Club, Amargo, Chiquita Cruz for Salsa, Malagueta Beach, Asador de Pollos en Capuchinos
Less Recommended: Picasso Museum, Pollo Don Pablo, Apartment with no sun and on a main street,

Goodbye Malaga and Spain, you will be missed.  I had a great final month and hope to return ASAP!

10:30 am: Last drinks with Tani at
a sample booth at the airport, haha


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