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October 2018 - Barcelona for a Week

Back to BCN while waiting for an apartment in Malaga.  Lots more to see and tonnes of friends made.  And of course back to Sagrada Familia!

Hopped out of Phil's car at the Frankfurt Airport then hopped on a bus that seemed to be leaving the airport only to eventually find a Ryan Air plane at the very end of the airport. Back to Spain!

chau Alemania

A week in what some would call "the centre of the universe" and hey it's pretty good, but I will say that it's likely the most expensive place in Spain outside of Ibza.  Few days hanging with Pahola, Luga, Julien and Javier and Brittnay.  Then my good buddy Marta had a day in town away from Porto where we went most of the night with Sabas and others.  Then a good night out with Ric, Michelle and Isabella and later Martin. Finally, meet up with Nati who I originally crossed paths in Panama on my Moto trip to Argentina.  Seems everyone is in Barcelona.

5 of these huge escalators to hit the street

Lovely Colombian Resto "Mi Tierra"

Fernando Botero Statue

St. Josep Market in Raval

Oh the colours

Me and Pahola

A bucket of little beers

Hard work every day

Crazy bathroom at a Peru-Sushi place.

Tim's is pricey here, 1.50euro a donut,
which would be 0.30 e in Canada. WTF! 

See the ropes on the corners of the
ground sheet and in the background
how these illegal vendors split when
the cops come by...

Damn, another bike crime, the horror!

What a bike lane

Arc de Triomf

Marta able to eat super spicy, NP!

Grabby Sabas

My love hate relationship with Moritz
due to high prices at the Brewery, boo!


Awesome Muriel

Off to Barceloneta Beach and area for an afternoon

Parking cops taking people down!

Impressive Architecture "Fish"

Why didn't I stay here??

I'm guessing a bit pricey to moor a boat here

Another way to make money in Europe

And yet another way to make money

Feeling awesome after a swim

Stunning Wynn Hotel in the distance

Old water tower

Where do these come from?

Great contrast of Mega Yachts and street vendors, DREAM

A reasonably priced Moritz at 33/45
a great bar in Raval.

An attitude filled bartender taking
a lunch break on his night shift?

I got some jeans for ya

That's supposed to be a surprised face


Oh Sagrada...

Oh I love Sagrada Familia

Colombia film

Last Train of the night

Night cap at Pipaclub

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