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October 2018 - Hanover and Frankfurt, Germany

Part 2 of my Germany visit I stopped in to see my great friend Alex from Guadalajara (love spelling that word) and his now expanded family in Hanover, then down to Frankfurt yet again to see one of the people that pushs me the most, Philipp, for a nice week to decompress and enjoy a few beers.

Off to Hanover to see Alex, Cuka, Ana, Axel and Ximena (the later 2 the new editions since we last saw each other in Guadalajara). It went as family life goes, lots of energy, laughs and of course one of them unhappy off and on as the days passed.  Poor Cuka had a surgery before I arrived, but still managed to keep the clan together with the help of sister Noemi who was visiting for 3 months.

By the way, Hanover gets a bad rap as boring city in Germany, and sure it's not massive, but I found it quite beautiful and full of friendly people which is common when staying in cities that are over shadowed by the likes of Hamburg and Berlin.  Two thumbs up to Hanover!

Crazy Side Story: The whole fam went to the Hanover Oktoberfest where I witnessed the oddest moment when Ximena fell on her face. Nothing odd about that, but... When we picked her up to look she had a blood clot coming out of her nostril ever so slowly, oh my god was it that hard of a fall?  Panic for a few minutes as the clot started to seep out, "grab a tissue!"  As Alex went to wipe the clot we discovered it wasn't blood at all, it was a redish-brown plastic ball...what the hell???  Like seriously where did that come from and how long was it stuck up there???  Everyone was freaked, relieved and confused...

Flixtrain, more than half price of DB

Did I mention I like trains, especially
older ones.

Wolfsburg, the home of VW

In to Hanover, beautiful Town Hall (Neues Rathaus)

Neues Rathaus


Old Town Hall (Altes Rathaus)

Lovely 5 euro dinner with a beer

The kids Axel, Ana, Ximena

Dad feeding all of us

Little Sonic in the backyard
Making noise like he was 3 m tall!

Sad about something

"But it is my birthday so...I'm ok"

Resto de Ana

"Brad Wurst"

It's such a hard life

Night on the town

Liene canal

Oktoberfest! Hanover style

Not her first Oktoberfest

Of course there's beer and I had to get a litre...

Axel having a good time, even with this German Bryan Adam's "Summer of 69" yikes.

Too young buddy

Tasty, but imported from Hamburg?

Here we go

5 minutes in

10 minutes in

15 min, Tired legs as the finale came 

Back to the road and in to another Bla Bla Car headed for Frankfurt.  4 reasonably quick hours to Frankfurt chatting with the driver Sinah most of the way. She left me by the highway as I missed the turn and German's only give you one shot with the map.  Palmy picked me up for a night of vodka redbulls and the city centre on a Saturday night.

Scenic midlands

I'm at some Aral Gas station

Maybe Redbull should think about
bigger cans...

Nice Steak dinner

Then in to town

Frankfurt TV Tower

Ripping around with Palmy

Rich Town

Little walk around Main River

Check out the rescue boat!

And finally I arrived in my home away from home at my great buddy Philipp's new place in Nied just outside of Frankfurt.  Apparently he bought the loft just for me, haha, not really.  A full week to decompress from all the travel and truly relax.  Thanks so much amigo.  What a lovely place and area you have to enjoy the next years.  But wait...Don't get too comfortable, "lets go hiking." to Taunus Feldberg...

What a guy, chocolate too

Is this guy going hiking?

Mattias, Ana, Flo and Phil
But where's Elvis???

We made it to the top motivated

Excellent views back to Frankfurt
Are Germans too over the top?


This is actually an ancient wall running
through the forest.

Schuch's Apple Resto

Meatloaf with Apple based sauce

Now some chill time...

My underwear left behind in Portugal!

Always wanted to do that
Casa de Bodo, a lovely spot.

View towards Taunas Feldberg

I want to make one of these great shoe storage space savers

Around the town of Frankfurt...

In the Red Light where these guys
think they have a pretty cool car

Yes, I have a bike...once I fix this tire

Looks like heart burn meat loaf

You can see more than hidden cars
in this mirror

Golden Wok all you can eat for 9 euros

They give you some tips how to eat properly and also
some discrimination based on height.  If you bring a girl
under 149 cm it's only 6 euros!

Nidda River is so lovely for a bike ride.

Take me to the River

Love it

Lived outside for almost 20 years!

Little adventure to the closest big Mall to return my electric shaver that I paid 10 euros too much for at another store of the same chain.  Unbelievable that the same shaver in Canada is half the price.  The adjusted price was 26 euros, $40 CAD.

A bike path that feels to be in the middle
of nowhere.

Hilarious, returning the unopened more
 expensive shaver.  All the paperwork.

Back along the Nidda

Nice little lake by Phil's

With Phil out of town in Berlin for some filming I decided to ride his bike in to Frankfurt for a few beers and a look around.

Hotel and Im guessing Casino

Sachenhausen bar area

After a heavy night out at some Mexican Bar where I could speak the language I returned for the bike, hoping it was still there...

The perfect sign for last night

Hey, it's still there!  Safe Europe

More German construction

Nice morning ride back to Nied

Great way to kick a hangover

Frankfurt Main Tower in the distance

Almost home
Another ride to town...

Chasing the pizza guy


Biking gets me dreaming

Watch your head on the low bridges

Phil back in town, so we went to a local in Nied for a huge schnitzel and swabian noodles.

So good...

Yeah buddy

Awesome ad for a low end Jager

Sclosss Hochst

Other Stuff

Coloured eggs all year now

unsuccessful repair

My new shaver only 15 euros in Canada
I only find these in Germany
Custom soda maker.

Everyone bring their own
washer and some of you
bring dryers too.

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