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February 2019 - Bye PDC, hello YYC and the faces of the stache

Final day-s in Playa del Carmen before I flew directly back to Calgary and in to the office to get back to work!  "Calgaryana Brad and the many faces of the moustache" featuring yet another long awaited 15 year reunion!
Too high!
 Goodbye Playa, I will return and more often.  A pretty good life here.

You want me to do what?

OMG! I'm not going on that.
But I'm scared of heights...The audio is priceless...

How old is this thing?

Final mission, check out of apartment Saturday morning, catch a city-bus to the colectivo for Tulum then a town-bus from Tulum to the Beach then I met Erik on the beach (see side story) then back in Playa I took another colectivo to Cancun. From there I had to get a taxi as the last Airport shuttle had finished for the night.  All in I spent 5+45+15+40+200 (taxi) = 305 pesos ($20 CAD) instead of $16 to go direct from Playa to Cancun airport...but there's no adventure in that!

All day for 2 hours on the beach in Tulum. Worth it?...Over course!

hmmm, was this a good

Yep, it was a good idea.  At Tulum beach area.

Good bye my friend
Since Thailand 2008

Magnum PI?

Come to Canada

Side Story - while hanging on the beach I met a 
USA guy who was driving back to Playa and 
offered me a I took it and hit an Argentina
steakhouse in Tulum on our way back.  
Thanks Erik and friends!

What a feast.

Back on the road, Playa to Cancun
in a Colectivo, 11pm
Flight at 1:20 am...

Yep...back in Canada for February and in to -25 C!!!  What was I thinking?  Oh right I need to work a little bit don't I...

Calgary Airport

It's Cold!

Back to work,
Clever office characters

"Laid back in his chair guy"

This should get me through the day

Holy crap it's dry in Calgary.  3 Days...
My finger literally just cracked open.

At least there's hockey.  Outdoors - 25C!
For all of 20 minutes, yikes.

yep -25C!

Yes, -25C!

Poor bastards in rush hour that way,
snow filled slippery streets

Thinking why I'm not in Mexico

Dry enough to keep your hair standing up

Hot tub craziness

Got my Busking ID for the year, 1st one

Snow in the FACE

Deepak and Bruce!

15 years ago I was kicking their ass in pool as well, haha!

Other Stuff
The best part of this old Jacksonville
jersey is that this quarterback wasn't
even that famous 20 years ago.

Happy to be at El Negro!

Look at those Tostadas at Chiltepin

Free Healthcare in Canada

My Doctor's Limo

Soap flavour...Why???

Natural highs

My favourite brasilian treat

January 2019 - 20 Year Engineering Reunion in Playa del Carmen

Started the year off with two amazing friends who came for a week visit, then a surprise lengthened stayed in a great apartment with a small catch and a few adventures to round out the month.  Oh and maybe I found a few things I'd been looking for too.

Hey Brad, Chris and John here
20 years it's been since 5 young engineering students had a week of fun in the sun and this was the Reunion in Mexico again.  Of course a little older and wiser, but the smiles and good conversation did not change. Basically we ate too much, hit the beach and drank a few beers.

Flash Reunion Apartment

Not bad


La Perla Pixan

Love people jumping on the
dance floor at restaurants

One group's K Shaw. at Caiman

I'm still amazed by this photo.
Libre (Freedom) shown on the foam
as the light hit the glass perfectly.

This looks interesting


Boom! at Abolengo bartina

Chiltepin again, so good

A little Engineering by Johnny to 
stop the water leak behind the washer

"Hole in the corner" at calle 6 and 25 ave

Roof top pool time

John, Chris and Me

Fun underwater

Oh it's a good pool

Beach walking near the Reef Resort

Pimp place - Deck 5 bar

Good views from here

Another night out and with luck catching the Beanheads band.

Kitxen (Kitchen)

Check out this Beatbox guy...Unbelievable!

Guy from Montreal
jumped up with the band
and kicked ass with 
mouth organ and singing

Side Track - The original plan was to leave the same day as the boys heading back to Canada, but the job I was scheduled to do fell through so I cancelled my flight and stuck around.  Good choice! I booked a place the day before we all parted ways and settled in on CTM ave which turned out to be a great spot! No pool, but it has a roof top jacuzzi and a much better community of people living there.

Local bus on 30th ave, $0.30

Wow, rough looking seat, but I bet
it's comfy.

A lovely well priced studio apartment.  Perfect!

My friend Marina
found this place for me

Just a regular well appointed studio apartment...with one catch...PLAY video to find out what happens at 9am and 9pm.

A studio with separation

And the stunning building rooftop Terrace


Did I mention the Jacuzzi?

It's a beautiful rooftop

And only 6 blocks from the beach

Young mexican kids already
fully employed crushing cans

Roof top watch dogs

Love in the air

Ga,ga, Goldwing!

The part of 5th Ave few get to see,
but the best part i'd say

Calle 70 access to the Beach

Oh, I can live near here

Caught in the beginning of a Storm which lasted the 30 min cold walk home.

Crazy storm.

Visiting Trevor C and his family at Paamul Beach.

What a spot

Ok guys, you got your gear figured?




That's a white fleshy canadian shark behind me

Amazing how these Stingrays can blend in.

And finally (truly finally as I hadn't visited last year either) I made it to Chichen Itza, thanks for inspiring me Vicky.  Although I can't say Chichen Itza blew me away anymore than Tulum or Copan, but the Oxman cenote and the trip itself were a blast!

"City Car Rental"

Love these motocarts

And all other stuff on the road

World Wonders

Seems touristy

Selfie it up...Naaaaahhhhhhh

That's better



The famous sport field for

Over 100 vendors selling you
every step of the way
Chichen Itza in the shade getting my learn on. "The Entrance"

There's something
interesting here

Yep, there really are people all over the place at Chichen Itza to really enjoy the day at Oxman cenote about 25 km from Chichen Itza on the road to Tulum. 350 pesos for two people which covers lunch and a free entry to the cenote instead of 100 pesos just for the cenote, no lunch.

Come on in, it's lovely

This place is great.

Secret entrance, exciting
Cenote Oxman down below.


Very cool look at the roots
From the top near the resto and pool

Other Stuff

Bargain $1500 CAD

Take a break

Like $2 for 20 litres, delivered!

Flip Flop repaired by upholster guy

Nice cheap bar with a view

Classic Argentina girl with her custom
mate bag for the beach